Cold Calling Services

Cold Calling Services


When it comes to sales, cold calling is usually the next step when you have extinguished hot leads and referrals to seek out new sales opportunities. This topic is one that even your best closers can choke with performance because cold calling is a different skill set than sales. For this reason, cold calling services is treated as a distinct sub-group of the sales team. 

A cold calling services professional from Call Motivated Sellers has a description of your ideal customer profile. They take that profile and develop a strategy for how they will identify their qualified leads from their cold calling list of contacts. As they engage the customer prospect on the other end, they are asking qualifying questions and introducing your candidate to your product or solution to gauge their interest. They compile the information collected to help the sales team decide if they would like to move forward pursuing this contact.

Before we go any farther, let’s discuss your three different kinds of leads, and where Call Motivated Sellers can be of assistance.

Cold Leads

Cold leads are what your cold calling services professional starts with on their quest to finding your new customers to close. These customers have not been contacted before about your company, so there is no known interest beforehand. What we do have is a pre-defined demographic that identified them from the search for potential candidates. This demographic is usually segmented by location, common interest, or business type that might start to qualify them as a possible lead. 

Warm Leads

Warm leads are usually taken by the sales team, for these candidates have already shown an interest in what your company provides. They may have completed a contact form online, signed up for a newsletter, or they’re following you on social media, thanks to your marketing team, or may have come as a referral from another customer. Either way, they are miles ahead of the candidates your cold calling services is taking, so your closers can run with them. 

Qualified Leads

Qualified leads are the ultimate goal that Call Motivated Sellers is working on for you. Qualified leads are close to buying, have the budget to do so, and are at the stage of selecting whom they will buy from. 

Call Motivated Sellers works your sales and marketing teams to find those distinguishing details that will make a random lead into a vetted candidate for your sales team to close. A gifted talker engages that contact into a meaningful conversation, discussing their current situation or desires, gathering knowledge about them quickly as part of their vetting process. That gifted talker is perfect for our cold calling services, and perfect for fishing out the right candidates for your sales team to direct their focus.

Preparation is our key to success

The purpose of cold calling shouldn’t be to make a sale on the spot, although we’ve come close with our cold calling professionals at Call Motivated Sellers, especially as one cold calling professional stays on with a client over time. Their vetting conversation becomes so natural, like muscle memory, and we attribute that to their complete focus on your company as they speak about your benefits to each candidate.

Your cold calling professional from Call Motivated Sellers may become more intuitive as they get a stronger knowledge of your ideal customer profile, that they may do some pre-prospecting before they even dial the phone. Not only does pre-prospecting make them more prepared for a business-to-business call, but it may even help them disqualify some based on what they learn on their company website or LinkedIn profile. 

Your script or ours?

At Call Motivated Sellers, we never underestimate the power of a good cold calling script. If you have a proven model that you’d like us to use for your prospects, we can take it from here. If you have a tired script that needs some updating and a fresh sound, we can do that for you. We can even write the script ourselves with your help by providing us a clear description of your ideal qualified customer. Our cold calling professionals dedicated to your account can take your description and turn it into an excellent script.  

The best cold calling scripts include:

  • How your service solves a problem (their problem) within their business or the industry
  • All of the benefits of your product
  • How your company excels against the competition
  • Common rebuttals and how to counter them

Our cold calling professionals use a script with talking points, understanding that each conversation will be different, and they can use that variance of conversation to their advantage every time. If you’ve heard someone reading a script to you over the phone before, you know what we mean, and know that is the opposite of what your customers will encounter when Call Motivated Sellers makes their first cold call to your prospects. Engaging conversation wins over even the best verbatim scripts any day of the week.

Call Motivated Sellers – our name says it all

When talking about cold calling professionals, there are two types of people. One type views cold calling as a stepping stone to a future sales career and sees themselves one-day closing deals. Cold calling is a great experience for them as they learn to engage in conversations with their clients. They get a LOT of practice. Our next persona is the one who loves cold calling. They love the challenge and they love the pursuit. Every day, every call, and every prospect is a new opportunity and nothing spoils their drive. That is the perfect picture of what describes your cold calling specialist with Call Motivated Sellers.  Your cold calling services professional is dedicated to your company with everything they do. Call Motivated Sellers handles all of the details from recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training them. When you are introduced, they are ready and motivated to get started. 

Get your sales team back out to the field  We can take on the cold calling for you at Call Motivated Sellers, enabling your sales team to concentrate on cultivating relationships and closing deals.