Cold Calling Services & Real Estate Qualified Leads

We provide outsourced cold calling agents to help you leverage your time better so that you can focus on the bigger picture: negotiating with the motivated sellers. Our agents are US Citizens, and speak in clear English, free of strong accents.

Your agent will work from their own workspace, with all the tools they require and will report directly to you. You can have as much or as little communication with the agents as you require. You supply the calling lists and our agents hit the phones. It’s that simple.

We have partnered with real estate investment wholesaling guru Brent Daniels of the highly successful TTP program to train our agents. Our training is built around the 4 key pillars of Brent’s program, our agents have the skills to generate QUALIFIED and MOTIVATED wholesaling leads as you have never seen!



We have built our business entirely through word of mouth. Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you to have a consultation with our sales team.




Ability for scale up/down campaign at any time, with low minimum commitments.



No payroll, liability, or other HR management headaches.  We operate on a prepayment program. We track our agents’ hours and report on your remaining balance bi-weekly.



Proven ROI.  Many of our clients expand their agent teams once they see the excellent results our service produces.



We provide consistent levels of MOTIVATED and QUALIFIED seller leads to help you CONSTANTLY GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


Call Motivated Sellers:

Outsourced Cold Calling Services

& Qualified Real Estate Leads



Cold calling is not a skill that most people have, and it is not a technique that salespeople enjoy. The thought of getting on the phone with strangers to sell them something is intimidating for most people. There are several additional sales techniques that salespeople prefer rather than cold calling. These techniques are good ones to have, but it doesn’t mean that you should completely leave cold calling out of your sales strategy. The truth is, if done correctly, it is an empowering and effective method for businesses to target new customers.


Why Cold Calling Works?

It’s easy for people to say that cold calling doesn’t work anymore. With the internet and all the ways of communication, several people think that cold calling is not effective.

Part of this is true. There are emails, social platforms and other tools and techniques you can use to connect with your target audience. If you are looking to maximize your success, you need cold calling in addition to the mix of all the new techniques.





Here’s why:

You can send an email to your customers, but emails give the subscribers an opportunity to avoid the email. Similarly, we have social media, but how direct can we be on social media? Social media also has the issue of avoidance. Because there is a screen between you and the consumer, it is more likely they will ignore your messages if they are not interested.

On the other hand, if cold calling is done properly, it should be well researched, providing insight into what could be important for your prospects and offer a strong value proposition. Cold calls should also give the opportunity to open up the conversation straight off the bat with questioning to gain insight about what is truly important to the customer.


What’s the Deal With Cold Calling?

If your team is not a fan of cold calling, they are not alone. You might notice they are successful with email and social but the moment they get on the phone, things change. This is because people that deal with cold calls must be able to think on their feet. During a phone call, the buyer is able to challenge you and you have to back up what you are saying without any preparation. Today, our world revolves around email and communication through a screen. Which is why it is so difficult for people to get on the phone and make a cold call. These new employees that are so familiar with computer screens view cold calling as a thing of the past which quite honestly is the furthest thing from the truth.


Building Relationships Through Cold Calling

Cold calling is much more than trying to make a sale. The key to successful cold calling is to focus on the relationship rather than the salesmanship which might seem confusing to the average salesperson. A successful cold caller will know that from this call they will meet someone new, have an interesting, productive conversation and determine whether or not their services can be of help.

When you focus on building relationships through cold calling, you humanize cold calling. Cold calling comes off to be more natural and less artificial. As a result, people tend to respond with more interest. There is a stigma about cold calling which is a result of improper cold calling. This stigma is that cold callers are just robot-like individuals that are calling to make a sale. At Call Motivated Sellers, our team of cold calling experts handles cold calling the right way and focuses on relationship building.


What We Do at Call Motivated Sellers

At Call Motivated Sellers, we take on your cold calling efforts to help you find quality leads. We have a team of cold calling experts who will do all the cold calling for you, that way your sales team can focus on what they do best- closing the deal. We will be helping your sales team by finding better, quality leads, that way, it is easier to close deals with people who are already interested. We also keep track of every potential lead we talk to, so you have the information available to you down the road.


Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

Anyone who is looking to grow their business and gain more leads! If you have noticed that your sales team has hit a brick wall, it’s time to introduce another sales strategy- cold calling. At Call Motivated Sellers, we know that cold calling is not for everyone- and that’s ok! That is why our team of cold calling experts is here to help. Rather than skipping out on cold calling, Let our team take on the work. You can still continue on with the sales strategies in place and our cold calling methods will serve as an additional way to find you quality leads.