Do your agents have strong accents?

Our agents are prescreened for strong accents, but you will have the opportunity to speak with your potential agent and approve for assignment to make sure we have a correct fit. Our agents are American expats living in beautiful Costa Rica where they enjoy low living costs and a high standard of living. They are very happy with their fortunate circumstances which makes our job of retaining and motivating them easy!

We also provide bilingual (English/Spanish) agents as well.

How much does your service cost?

We tailor packages to each client based on their individual needs or 20, 30 and 40 hours per week per agent.  The all-inclusive hourly rate is $20/hour per caller, including labor costs and liabilities, management, recruiting and startup costs, training, payroll costs, reporting and more. 

There are NO startup fees! We just request you commit to a minimum of 20 calling hours per week and commit to a term of not less than 12 weeks. Ideal calling hours is 40 hours per week to provide viable work hours for your outsourced agent.

I’m sold! How quickly can we get started?

Once we have received a signed agreement and payment our campaign activation team will contact you to arrange an initial set-up call. We will then assign you an agent who has been prescreened for suitability. As part of the screening process all our agents undertake the ‘Tony Robbins’ DISC personality test, which helps us identify the key skills and traits required for a successful agent. Prior to getting started, you will have the opportunity to speak with your assigned agent, to ensure compatibility and a good working relationship. This process is usually completed within two weeks.

How do I track my account, agent hours, etc.?

We do all this for you, as part of the service! We track the ACTUAL calling time undertaken by your agents which helps us to ensure you receive accurate, trusted billing. Weekly reporting will indicate your hours usage. We will remind you when it is time to make another payment based on the amount of calling you’ve requested to ensure that there is no interruption to your service.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to supply a dedicated Mojo dialer 3-line account PER agent and the calling lists you want your agents to call.


Keep 'Em Coming

Great lead Mark, we have already spoken to the client, and have agreed a deal…..keep ‘em coming!
- Jessie

Ready for More

Can you get me another 2 calling agents as soon as possible? This is working great, and I need more hours, from more agents.
- Michael

Incredible Work

Our caller Jane is doing an outstanding job! She is focused, determined, and has an incredible work rate. I honestly don’t know how we managed without her before!
- Mark

Love These Guys and Gals

Just Great!
- George

One of the Best Decisions Ever

I just wanted to provide some feedback about our agent John, he has hit the ground running, and has already provided 15 very promising leads in his first week, which my sales guys are following up on. Working with you, is one of the best decisions ever for our business!
- Daniel

Great Leads

The information has been great on the leads!!! Thank you guys I know we are far away location wise but your efforts make a huge impact here in the community. We are helping a lot of people out of uncomfortable housing situations. You should have pride in that…we do!!!
- Anna

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