Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Jason Hubley currently works with hundreds of clients across the globe in multiple industries and businesses. With a strong emphasis on business process outsourcing operations, Jason and his teams manage a variety of tasks for his valued clients. Those include outbound marketing, inbound customer service, and back office processing, to name a few. His success can be measured in the 400% revenue growth he has experienced while with other BPO businesses over recent years.

Jason brings with him a wide range of business experience across several industries to offer different perspectives to his operations. Growing up with a family business he understands the needs of the small business owner, where value and integrity are key. His time as a trader and investor in US markets has provided the opportunity to take a wider vision on processes that create growth for himself and his clients. Jason enjoys giving value to every person he engages in business with and loves to see the prosperity and growth afforded to his team and clients alike.

In 2017 Jason saw the opportunity to provide value to real estate investors with a unique new program designed specifically with investors in mind to assist them in prospecting for motivated sellers. This program is Call Motivated Sellers.

David Black headshot


Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

David has a wealth of International business management experience in the UK & Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Malaysia, China, and Latin America, and has worked in senior level board positions, for large multinational businesses and new start-up companies, and has developed a number of successful global businesses, and has also been involved in two previous valuable IPO launches in the Energy and TV/Media industry sectors. David has an MBA in Strategy, Finance and marketing, from one of the UK’s leading business management institutes.

David and his team oversee the recruitment, selection, training and management of the ‘Call Motivated Sellers’ team of lead generation agents, as well as the accounts receivable and operations functions, and also the initial new client sales and onboarding operations for the business, as well as the ongoing relationship management with existing clients.

David is also the CEO of ‘Nomadux’ a global business outsourcing provider, and it was through this business relationship that David initially had with the CEO of ‘Call Motivated Sellers’ – Jason Hubley, that the key synergies between the two businesses were first identified, with David’s experience in providing back-office support services, and Jason’s experience in developing contact center solutions for clients, creating a great opportunity for collaboration and to join forces, resulting in the launch of the unique ‘Call Motivated Sellers’ service, specifically designed for Real Estate Investors.

Samantha Black headshot


Director of HR & Client Relations

Samantha currently oversees all the Human Resource elements of the ‘Call Motivated Sellers’ business, including search, selection and recruitment of calling agents, and is also the key point of contact and liaison with our clients.

Samantha previously held various positions in the education and entertainment sectors, and was also the owner of a very successful English language coaching business in Costa Rica, and hosted her own radio show, on the very popular English-speaking channel Radio Dos. In addition to her role with ‘Call Motivated Sellers’ Samantha is also currently a partner with ‘Nomadux Outsourcing’ a global BPO and businesses services outsourcing business.

Samantha graduated in 2011, with a BA in International Relations & Business Studies (with honors) from the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

Macky San Agustin III headshot


Senior Manager, Operations

Macky is a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Psychology and an expert in the Contact Center Industry. He improves and innovates end-to-end management, from launching to delivery to business expansion. Macky is a focused and determined business leader with expertise in improving customer and client experience in the contact center environment. He is results-driven and offers broad experience in operations, service delivery, and client relationship management. He shows proven effectiveness in leading high-performing, motivated teams to continually identify opportunities for process improvement, and customer and client retention. Macky is also an expert in leading multi-functional teams in globally competitive, challenging, and fast-paced environments.