Marketing Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads

The cost of marketing qualified leads

Sure a sales team can make a sale, but at what cost? You pay your sales team well because they bring the company new business. To maximize profits, it’s crucial to have control of the overall costs of each sale, and that goes as close to the beginning as possible, starting with a list of leads and the effort it takes to seek out qualified leads from that list. 

The next thing to consider is where the talents lie with your sales team. A gifted presenter making new relationships left and right in the field may not possess the same agility and success in a cold calling environment, fishing out fresh marketing qualified leads. For the best cost strategy, have a dedicated team marketing qualified leads through cold calling and keep your top paid sales team out in the field, closing deals with those qualified leads

A key significant advantage of separating your cold calling for marketing qualified leads and your sales team in the field is in reducing the cost of the sale. Call Motivated Sellers is just the company to fill that gap, providing professional cold callers dedicated to identifying qualified leads for your sales team to pursue with the highest chances of converting them to a customer.

Start with describing an image of your perfect, qualified lead

While Call Motivated Sellers can hit the ground running, we must first have a small amount of information from you. Think of it as an initial collaboration. Our first goal is to get a good picture of what makes a qualified lead for your sales team.

We recommend collaboration between both your sales and marketing teams to get this description of the qualified marketing lead, for they may have different details that they work with. Your cold calling professional can take all of that information and compile it together for their use in marketing qualified leads.

Score your favorite attributes

Another essential tool as you paint a picture of that qualified lead is to provide weight or scoring to different characteristics that make that qualified lead stronger for your sales team. Scoring while marketing qualified leads enables your sales team to prioritize their efforts and focus on those most likely to convert. 

Keeping the conversation natural and casual

Your cold calling professional from Call Motivated Sellers takes all of the information you provide and creates talking points to be used as a type of script. We say “type of” because your cold calling professional uses those talking points to engage your leads into a natural and meaningful conversation with your prospect, notating which attributes that prospect possesses and scores their strength as a marketing qualified lead and whether or not your marketing team should pursue them as a customer.

In addition to marketing qualifying leads and identifying the strongest candidates, your cold calling professional next introduces your prospect to your brand during their conversation. Part of their talking points includes easy rebuttals when they need them. Their goal is to keep the qualified leads interested in a closer look at what your company provides. Think of them as priming your sales team for that new relationship.

Details that help your cold calling professional:

  • How does your company solve a problem within a customer’s business or their industry?
  • What are all of the benefits of your product?
  • How does your company excel over the competition?
  • How do we counter the most Common rebuttals?

With the talking details and perfect customer description, we have what we need to distinguish for your sales team the difference between a random person on a list and a marketing qualified lead. Their engaging conversation discusses with the prospect their current desires and challenges as they determine their eligibility as a qualified lead

Preparation is the precursor to inspiration

One critical advantage you have with a dedicated cold calling professional qualifying your leads is the business acumen they develop as they continue to work with your company. Our tenacity and training bring success in identifying those qualified leads for your sales team to pursue. Our goal is to become a working extension of your sales team with our distinctive disciplines that complement their efforts so perfectly. Their conversations with your prospects are like muscle memory as they go through all of the details like second nature, and it’s all to your benefit.

As confidence builds, some ingenious professionals have been known to identify ways to pre-qualify candidates before the call in business-to-business leads. Taking extra steps like looking them up online or LinkedIn to make sure they have the right person proves to be a great value, and our clients appreciate the initiative.

Call Motivated Sellers – it’s all who we are, and it’s all in the name 

When it comes to cold calling professionals, we identify them as two types of people: 

The first type looks at cold calling as a stepping stone. They pay their dues while aspiring for a future sales career one day, closing their own deals. Cold calling is one skill that will serve them well if they work for a company that doesn’t leverage cold calling professionals like Call Motivated Sellers. They are gaining experience, learning to deal with rejection, and learning how to engage conversations with prospective clients. 

The second type is the person who loves cold calling. They relish in the quest, the challenge, rallying in the pursuit of marketing qualified leads. They look at every prospect as a fresh opportunity, and that drive grows with each call. 

It is the drive contained in that second type that we seek at Call Motivated Sellers. That dedication and spark are what make the ideal cold calling professional for us, and ultimately, for our clients. That spark is the difference that we provide to our customers.

Whether you need one or ten professionals, Call Motivated Sellers handles every detail from recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training to your callers ready for you. When you are introduced to your cold calling sales extension team, they are motivated and eager to get started. They report to you, but we take care of everything else for you.

Get your sales team back out to the field and closing deals. We will take care of the cold calling for you at Call Motivated Sellers, so your sales team can focus on building relationships and closing deals.