Outsource Cold Calling

Outsource cold calling | Call Motivated Sellers

When it comes to building your brand, the efforts come in many different layers. As you start building your marketing and brand building strategy, Call Motivated Sellers is the perfect resource for one of those layers as an outsource cold calling operation.

Marketing is the first up to bat

Marketing develops your brand and establishes consistency to associate your brand with everything to do with your company. This group represents several different layers of what it takes to get your company noticed. They create that first impression of your company to everyone who interacts with the company, from your website to printed materials, but they are more than that. 

Your marketing team professionals are also your strategists when it comes to attracting new customers and guiding them along the sales funnel to completing their purchase. Ideally, their strategy brings the customers straight to your sales team if their target is on point. These are your hot leads.

Sales team brings up the rear

The sales team if put into place with the primary purpose of closing deals. They are usually the face of your company to the customer as well. Your goal is to keep them busy meeting with the customers with as little idle time as possible. 

We come right in the middle

Somewhere between getting noticed and closing a deal is the initial start of a conversation. That’s precisely where cold calling comes into the picture as hot leads and referrals are addressed and your sales team is asking for more. You want to continue seeking out new opportunities.  As a layer of your brand awareness, cold calling brings attention to your company, by directly targeting defined demographics. 

Many organizations have cold calling positions as a stepping stone to joining the sales team. While this practice is excellent for building knowledge for the business, many learn that that cold calling is a different skill and discipline than in-person sales. One may exhibit stellar performance in one but choke on the other. For this reason, cold calling is treated as a distinctive sub-group of the sales team. Outsourced cold calling, on the other hand, brings in professionals that know exactly where their talents lie. 

How it all works together

Your sales and marketing teams collaborate together to come up with a profile of the ideal customer. As they come up with a description, they will identify significant attributes to seek out when prospecting for a new customer. Those defined attributes are what transform a general lead into a qualified lead. 

Your outsourced cold callers from Call Motivated Sellers have a description of your ideal customer’s profile. They use that profile to come up with a strategy to qualify those leads from the cold calling list of contacts. The outsourced cold calling professionals engage the prospective candidates in a casual, enjoyable conversation, asking critical questions for qualifying them to meet with the sales team. As they qualify them, your outsourced cold calling professional introduces your new qualified lead to your company to gauge their interest with your product or solution. All of the information is gathered to submit to the sales team for the next steps.

Different types of leads

Your outsourced cold calling professionals from Call Motivated Sellers can be of assistance in different ways in your sales funnel.

Cold Leads

Cold leads are the most common kinds of leads that outsourced cold calling professionals handle Call Motivated Sellers. These lists are what your cold calling professional uses to identify your new customers for the sales team to close. The cold calling list comes from a predefined demographic that identifies them when searching for potential candidates. This demographic may segment by location, business, or shared interest, among others that might start to qualify them as a possible lead. 

Warm Leads

A warm lead may come from the marketing team to the outsourced cold calling professional for final validation to identify them as a qualified lead. Their interest may come from a contact form completed online, newsletter enrollment, or following on social media, thanks to your savvy marketing team. Otherwise, warm leads may go directly to the sales team, knowing that there is a genuine interest. Leveraging a cold calling professional to finish qualifying the lead enables the sales team to increase focus on already qualified leads. 

Qualified Leads

Qualified leads are the primary focus that Call Motivated Sellers is seeking for you. Qualified leads are ready and able to buy, have the budget to do so, and are at the stage of selecting where to conduct business. 

Preparation is our key to success

Outsourced cold calling isn’t usually making sales on the spot, but some of our gifted cold calling professionals can just about get them there. Call Motivated Sellers provides dedicated cold calling professionals to a single client to build their business acumen for your business and product line. You can tell the difference as you listen to their conversations. Their vetting is so fluid and natural. Talking points and qualifying questions come like muscle memory as they describe your company to every candidate.

Your script or ours?

We at Call Motivated Sellers appreciate a quality cold calling script. If you have a script that you’d like us to use for your prospects, we can take it and start dialing from there. If your script can use some updating, we’ve got your back on that, too, with an excellent customer profile. We can even write the script ourselves with your help by providing us a clear description of your ideal qualified customer. Our dedicated cold calling on your account can take your customer profile and turn it into an excellent script.  

The best cold calling scripts include:

  • How your service solves a problem (their problem) within their business or the industry
  • All of the benefits of your product
  • How your company excels against the competition
  • Common rebuttals and how to counter them

Instead of a verbatim reading script, our cold calling professionals use a script with talking points. This is preferred because each conversation is different, and talking points enable your outsourced cold calling professional to breeze through any variance of conversation to their advantage. Engaging conversation wins over even the best verbatim scripts every time.

Call Motivated Sellers – our name says it all

When we talk about outsource cold calling professionals from Call Motivated Sellers, our profile is the professional who loves cold calling. Yes, they exist, and they work for us! They love the challenge and embrace the pursuit of qualified leads. Our pros treat every call, and every prospect as a new opportunity. That picture describes your cold calling specialist with Call Motivated Sellers. We handle all of the details from recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training your outsource cold calling professional. As soon as you are introduced, they are motivated to get started. 

It’s time to get your sales team back out to the field focused on closing deals. We can take on the cold calling for you at Call Motivated Sellers.