Outsource Sales Calls

Outsource Sales Calls


When you are starting to building your brand, there are a number of effort layers you have to go through in order to succeed. An example of one such layer is outsourcing sales calls to your ideal customers for selling your product or service. For that purpose, Call Motivated Sellers is an excellent resource for your business to outsource sales calls to your desired audience in your required demographics.

Good marketing contributes a lot

Before we start talking about outsourcing sales calls, let’s bring brand identity to the table. Let’s be real, a brand that has had a solid marketing campaign will have a more authentic image in front of your audience. In other words, it automatically qualifies for a plus point. It helps the callers associate your brand with everything to do with your company. 

Your marketing campaign is also your strategy to guide your potential customers and convert them in the long run. And if your targeting is on point, correct marketing will bring your customers to your sales team because they are your hot leads.

Your sales team will be the one closing deals

Your sales team is normally the face of your company because they are the ones dealing with customers. If put in the right place, the sales team has one primary purpose, to close the deals. As a brand eager to build identity, your goal is to keep your sales team busy by making them meet with customers. 

This will allow your sales team to have lesser idle time and would save you from any problems with them in the long run. 

We connect you to your buyers – right in the middle

Right in the middle of your marketing plans and sales team lies the process of outsourcing sales calls. Somewhere between being noticed and finally the closing deal is the initial start of the conversation with your customers. That is where Call Motivated Sellers comes into the picture as potential leads are introduced after your marketing campaigns and your sales team is asking for more at all times.

It is important to note that cold calling might be right in the middle but it also plays a fine role in marketing. While each sales call might not bring in a qualified lead, it does bring awareness and publicity for your brand which is a plus point. Many people believe that cold calling has an entirely different perspective than in-person sales and they are absolutely right. While you may be thriving in your outsourced cold calling campaign, you may also be choking on your sales time at the same time. So it is important to keep a firm check on all your responsible departments. 

Define your ideal customer

Your marketing team and sales team and your brand performance come up with an image of an ideal customer. This will help you identify specific attributes to seek out during your outsource sales calls. All those defined attributes are an excellent tool to turn a general lead into a potential lead. 

When you have provided a crisp description of your ideal customer, your outsource sales calls experts from Call Motivated Sellers will come up with a strategy to hook your potential customers to your sales team. The approach of binding the potential customers is simple, you get your callers to engage them in a casual, informative, and enjoyable conversation and then breeze your way into turning them as your potential customers.

How can outsource sales calls assist you

With the assistance of Call Motivated Sellers, you can utilize the resource of getting outsource sales callers for your brand. They will not only hook up your sales team with potential customers but will also be bringing your brand publicity on the table. 

If you need us to target potential customers from specific demographics, we can do that for you. At Call Motivated Sellers, our outsourcing sales call professionals to have one goal: to find customers and qualified leads who are able and ready to buy and have a budget to move forward. When you are leveraging cold calling professionals to handle warm leads for you, it allows your sales team to focus on the individuals that are more inclined towards buying your product or service – bringing in more audience to your brand as a result. 

Preparing the script

When our professionals have their hands-on description of an ideal customer, they will continue to prepare the script that best explains your brand and your brand’s intent. Instead of choosing for a reading verbatim, we prefer a making a list of talking points at Call Motivated Sellers. Making a list of talking points helps the callers to breeze through the conversations while making them seem casual and informative.

While outsourced calling is not really about making the sales on spot, some of our gifted and highly motivated individuals can get your customers there. If you want us to write your script, that works with us too. If you want us to modify your existing script, Call Motivated Sellers has got your back on that as well. 

Getting started

After taking your customer profile and getting our hands on the perfect script, it is time for our individuals to get the dialer going. The vetting of these professionals becomes so fluid and natural as they go along and turns into muscle memory. You will be able to notice the difference as you continue listening to their conversations.

From here onwards, the main job is to provide your sales team with the hottest leads at earliest. 

Call Motivated Sellers is here to change the game

Our name speaks for itself when we talk about outsource calling professionals. Our portfolio is filled with individuals who love calling, which might be an odd thing to say, but they do exist. These individuals are enthusiasts who love to challenge and embrace the pursuit of scoring potential leads. At Call Motivated Sellers, our professionals treat every new encounter and every call as an opportunity to help you grow bigger. 

Another plus point of working with Call Motivated Sellers is that you do not have to worry about hiring, recruiting, paying, and onboarding your outsource sales call professionals. We shall be taking care of that for you. Your main job after this should be to get your sales team in line and keeping them ready for their next encounter!