Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads


One of the critical concerns to sales leaders in addition to the drive to make sales includes the cost of those sales. A key performance indicator is keeping the cost of sales low to maximize profits and sometimes commissions depending on the sales business model. If anything, the sales team prefers to woo candidates that they stand the best chances of converting. That makes good business sense to focus resources on those kinds of candidates. 

One significant potential for cost-savings with any sales team lies in the quality of their leads. Your road warriors need to focus all of their time and resources on qualified leads that they have the highest chances to convert to a customer. We at Call Motivated Sellers are here to fill that gap.

Maybe (most likely) you start with a list of contacts that might meet a specific demographic. That demographic can be certain types of businesses or people who are most likely to purchase your product, or they share common interests with one another. Your demographic could be as simple as a general target area for each of your field reps. Your cold calling professional from Call Motivated Sellers can work through that list, qualify, and identify everyone on that list that meets your ideal customer criteria as a qualified lead.

Describe an image of your qualified lead

The first step is to be able to completely describe the persona and critical attributes of a qualified lead for us. We highly recommend that the sales and marketing teams work together in developing this profile before Call Motivated Sellers gets started. You want both sides engaged because they view the customer in completely different ways. There is much value in them sharing and gaining perspective from each other and their direct interactions and insights from customers to define that ideal customer persona, otherwise known as the qualified lead.

Keeping score help

The next step is to come up with a way to score your perfect qualified lead attributes as a means of gaining an objective qualification and eliminate bias in the qualification process. This score helps your cold calling professional assign the proper weight in qualifying criteria as they engage in conversation with each candidate. During that conversation, they are determining whether or not they are qualified leads for your sales team to pursue.

Talking points keep it natural

When it comes to cold calling, we hold higher value over talking points as an alternative to reading a script. If you have ever been caught in a scripted conversation, you understand the distinction we speak of. Our professionals enjoy the difference in discussions and how they vary on each call. A rockstar cold calling professional from Call Motivated Sellers turns those talking points into meaningful conversation, making it easy to flesh out those qualified leads

Those talking points are excellent tools in defining qualified leads as well as a means to introduce your brand to the customer and prepare our callers with some easy rebuttals to turn around opinion if we need them. We’re not usually selling the contact from start to finish in a cold call. Instead, are priming them for your sales team to start and solidify that budding relationship with your company. Consider us as the ones to provide a soft handoff to your sales team for each qualified lead to get them launched to the next step of closing the deal.

Critical items to include in your script of talking points:

  • How your company solves a problem within their business or the industry
  • All of the benefits of your product
  • How your company is better than the competition
  • Common rebuttals and how to counter them

Call Motivated Sellers professionals use those talking points as a means to direct the conversation naturally as they speak with each candidate. This practice over verbatim scripts prevents some of the awkward moments that some cold callers encounter trying to read a script, and the client asks a question or makes a point that is not part of the script. They are at risk to wind up off-course and have a hard time achieving a smooth recovery. 

We take those talking points script in hand and a list of details that make a distinguishing difference between a random person and a qualified lead, and our gifted talkers engage each contact into a meaningful exchange. In that dialogue, they discuss with contacting their present challenges and desires. They are quickly gaining knowledge about the contact during their conversation to determine their eligibility for being identified as a qualified lead. These calling professionals identify those perfect candidates for your sales team to focus their efforts.

Preparation can make a difference

Our success rate isn’t just luck. A lot has to do with the insight our professionals have with their craft. Our tenacity and training are what brings success in identifying qualified leads to pursue. Our professionals from Call Motivated Sellers are dedicated to one client, so they get the opportunity to develop their business acumen with that company and groom relationships with their primary sales team contacts as they continue with their accounts. They become a working extension of your sales team. Their conversations are like muscle memory as they are talking through the qualifying points and introducing the candidates to your company.

Call Motivated Sellers – it’s all in the name, and it’s all who we are

When talking about cold calling professionals, there are two types of people: 

One considers cold calling as paying their dues as they aspire to a future sales career to one-day close deals themselves. Cold calling is an excellent method to gain experience as they learn to engage in conversations with their prospective clients. Cold calling enables them a LOT of practice. 

Another cold caller profile is one who loves cold calling. They enjoy the challenge, and rally in the pursuit of finding qualified leads. Their drive grows as they engage each prospect as a new opportunity every call. 

The drive is what we seek at Call Motivated Sellers. Discovering that spark in the ideal professional and their dedication to helping your sales team succeed is what we claim to be a significant difference that we provide our customers. 

Whether you bring one or ten professionals, Call Motivated Sellers handles every detail from recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training to your callers ready for you. When you are introduced to your sales extension team, they are motivated and eager to get started. 

Get your sales team back out to the field closing deals. We will take care of the cold calling for you at Call Motivated Sellers, so your sales team can focus on building relationships and closing deals.