Real Estate Wholesaling

Real Estate Wholesaling


As a part of the real estate wholesaling industry, you need potential buyers who are willing to buy homes at a higher price than the contract is up for. We know that the difference between the two prices is important to real estate wholesalers because that is where you make a profit. At Call Motivated Sellers, we realize the importance of helping you connect with the right buyers.

Connecting with the right buyers can be a tough and time-consuming process if you do not have the right resources. But with an asset like our company in your reach, you can already consider yourself one step ahead of your competitors.

The psychology of real estate wholesaling

In real estate wholesaling, a real estate wholesaler puts a distressed home under contract with the intent of assigning that contract to another buyer. Instead of marketing that home at the same contract price, the home is marketed to the buyers at a higher price.

At Call Motivated Sellers, we know your direct need of connecting with the right buyers and sellers. A real estate wholesaler needs to find both, the seller and the potential buyer. Even if you have little cash to invest as a wholesaler, you can make profits because you are the one setting up the deal between the buyer and the seller. But of course, in order to do that, you have to find a seller for starters – so you can set the targeted home under contract, followed by finding a buyer who is willing to pay a higher amount. At Call Motivated Sellers, we can help you find your desired parties.

The power of cold calling

When you are planning to get into the real estate business as a wholesaler, it is your dream to connect with the right homeowners and homebuyers. You dream about showing homes to aspiring buyers, open house events, and making dreams come true. If you truly want to thrive in this regard, you need to make use of the correct opportunities around you.

Cold calling, being one of an important asset when it comes to getting your hands on your desired homebuyers and homeowners is an excellent choice. The prospect of calling individuals out of the blue and hitting them with your offer can yield great benefits for you if executed right. At Call Motivated Sellers, we will make sure that your dreams about thriving in the real estate business receive their best shot. 

Partner with us

When you are doing business with Call Motivated Sellers, you will be more than a random call sheet to a group that switches hats on a daily basis. In fact, we will provide you with a dedicated real estate cold calling professional that focuses on nothing but making sure that you are getting qualified leads who will maximize your profits in the long run. 

Who is your ideal customer?

Before we go on and retrieve a strategic plan for your real estate business needs, we will be needing you to define your ideal customer. We will interview you about your ideal qualified contact for your campaign. Your job is to be precise and crisp about the description of your customer so we can devise a perfect script and talking points for calling professionals to breeze through any counter-arguments. 

Examples of some details you should be providing us are not limited to:

  • What should be their price range?
  • Information about their income.
  • Do they want to buy or sell?

Preparation is our key to success

After we get our hands on your customer persona, our job is to prepare the calling professionals to get the best out of each call. Outsourced cold calling is never really about making sales on the spot unless stated otherwise, but some of our gifted enthusiasts have the ability to make that possible.

Each caller that is assigned to your business will have a list of talking points which are highly essential for a natural and fluid vetting. Instead of depending upon a strict reading script, the right approach is to have a bunch of talking points so the callers can breeze through the counter-arguments from potential contacts and still make everything seem natural.

Let’s get started

Once the callers are qualified with the preparation, we proceed to the next step by introducing you and your intention. Whether you are looking for a buyer at that specific moment or a seller, our callers shall be trying their level best to score a contact and convert it into a potential lead for your business.

Suppose you were looking for sellers in a specific demographic and they were not yet expecting such calls, that is when you hit them out of the blue with your offer. A call out of the blue gets them thinking about an offer that wasn’t in their consideration before and that is how your professional real estate caller from Call Motivated Sellers can plant your first seed for you. 

Turning general leads to qualified leads

The first job is to introduce the person on the other end of the receiver to you and your intention. If there is engagement from the other side, that is when you start throwing in the core dealing points. This way, a random call turns into a general lead and followed by detailed conversation, exclusive offers, and benefits, we can turn that general lead into a qualified lead.

Back to that partnership with Call Motivated Sellers

If you are looking to get a dedicated real estate calling professional for your wholesaling business, you need to contact Call Motivated Sellers right away. Our work goes hand in hand with our name because we have highly motivated individuals who are ready to embrace the pursuit of scoring those leads for you. 

From the hiring, recruiting, and onboarding, to paying the clients, we will be taking care of everything for you from start to finish. The only big challenge you will encounter is keeping up with the qualified contacts we seek out for you and before you know it, those qualified contacts will be the ones bringing in maximized ROIs.