7 Reasons Why Buyer Personas Develop Qualified Real Estate Leads


Before you hit the ground running and start crafting content marketing strategies, you need to define which buyers and sellers you want to market to. Enter buyer personas, or client personas as they’re sometimes called in real estate.

Buyer or client personas are defined as a semi-functional representation of your business’ ideal buyer. They’re similar to your target audience, except they’re a smaller, more refined sample of your general audience. What makes them so impactful is that they can give insight into a specific demographic or buyer, such as behavioral patterns and goals. This includes how they shop for solutions, what factors play into their purchasing decisions, and also what sources influence their choices.

Because there’s no single path to purchase, it’s common to have a minimum of 3-5 personas to ensure that you can accurately capture your audience. Businesses often conduct buyer interviews and research to help build out the profile of their target customer. From there, the data you uncover can be used to enhance your marketing efforts and optimize your client’s experience. And it doesn’t stop there.

Below, discover more reasons why creating buyer personas develop qualified leads.



They Can Show You Where Your Leads Spend Their Time

Developing a client persona isn’t an invitation to pester your leads on every platform they use, because who wants that? Instead, the data you gather could be used to inform you of details like which social media platforms your leads prefer so that you can post the most relevant information where you know they’ll see it. According to Statista, Americans devour 10-plus hours of media a day. Now, not everyone uses Facebook, LinkedIn, or Snapchat, so it’s best to know which ones are most likely to get seen. This can also be helpful when you’re looking for places to post ads.


Have a Greater Impact on Your Audience

Many believe that casting a wider net is the key to reeling in qualified leads. How wrong they are! In some industries, this strategy proves successful, but in real estate, it can bring you countless leads, but leave you empty-handed on the qualified lead front. Having and developing a client persona helps keep you from expending unnecessary energy. Your list of leads might be shorter than before, but you’ll be attracting leads that better fit your niche. You’ll be able to appeal to them much easier because you’ll be speaking their language.


Improved Sales Performance

The ultimate goal of sales is to bring in more qualified leads who convert into closed-won deals. So far, our list has featured all of the ways you can develop client personas based on the leads who are looking to buy or sell with you. However, you can improve your sales performance based on the information gathered from leads who didn’t decide to buy or sell through you. What makes this information helpful is that it encourages the marketing and sales teams to revisit their approach consistently. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to nurturing leads into qualified leads, and your persona can show you all the nuances of the buyer/seller journey.


Help Define What a Qualified Lead Is

The term “qualified lead” varies from company to company, industry to industry. Consulting your client personas is an excellent way to define what a qualified lead means to you. Doing this increases your ability to spot a lead in your pipeline that’s on the cusp of becoming a qualified lead.

You can also use information like their hobbies, occupation, and values to determine which types of internal and external influencers can sway purchase decisions. These influencers can even create the urge to buy or sell if it looks like your qualified lead’s dream property might soon be off the market. As you gather more information and flesh out your client personas, a picture of what a qualified lead is will become more evident.


They Enhance Online Conversions

When you develop a client persona based on the data you gathered regarding their behaviors, you will also learn a lot about their pain points and what will increase the chances that they want to work with you. To get the best results, we recommend making sure your website or platform reflects your target audience’s common pain points.

According to experts, focusing on user pain points and highlighting how you or your product can fix it is 2-5 times more effective at converting a qualified lead. If your lead comes to your site and feels like you understand their problems and genuinely offer something that can help, you’ve gained a new customer.


Helps You Provide Better Content

There’s nothing worse than creating content that seems to go ignored by your potential leads. As we explored above, developing a client persona can help you better reach your target audience. By identifying and understanding who your buyer personas are, you can create the kind of content that attracts more like-minded buyers and sellers and advances them further down your sales pipeline and closer to a sale.

You can target your blogs and newsletters to cater to a specific audience versus spamming every subscriber’s inbox, hoping that someone will bite. Another benefit of having client personas is that you can use the insight you gain to tweak your workflow and perfect when specific emails go out to leads and clients.


Provide Better Pitches

Before you can ask potential clients to trust you enough to do business together, you have to prove that you understand their needs and what they want out of a property. This is where developing a client persona comes in handy. Create a couple of personas that fall into different categories. A few examples of personas include current homeowners with kids looking to sell and upgrade, first time home buyers trying to buy a starter home, and flippers who want to buy and sell properties for investment. The variety can help you develop the best approach to working with them and help you understand their mindset and what’s driving their decisions.



Call Motivated Sellers

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