How to Start Flipping Houses

When a real estate investor flips a house, they purchase a property, renovate it, and sell it for a sizable profit. House flippers typically purchase properties that the average

How to Find Wholesale Deals in a Competitive Housing Market

Even in a competitive housing market, wholesale deals have proven to be one of the most profitable options for up-and-coming real estate investors. Essentially, wholesaling real estate involves getting

Qualities to Look for in an Investment Property

Purchasing an investment property is and always has been one of the most lucrative options for growing wealth, as seasoned real estate investors know. But there’s no such thing

Summer Real Estate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you’re in the real estate industry, you know that the summer housing marketing is booming, and the season at which sellers put their homes on the market has

Marketing Qualified Leads

The cost of marketing qualified leads Sure a sales team can make a sale, but at what cost? You pay your sales team well because they bring the company

Qualified Leads

  One of the critical concerns to sales leaders in addition to the drive to make sales includes the cost of those sales. A key performance indicator is keeping

Real Estate Wholesaling

  As a part of the real estate wholesaling industry, you need potential buyers who are willing to buy homes at a higher price than the contract is up

Real Estate Investing

  There are several things you can do to build your brand identity, and the efforts come in many different layers. When you are marketing your products or services,

Outsource Cold Calling

When it comes to building your brand, the efforts come in many different layers. As you start building your marketing and brand-building strategy, Call Motivated Sellers is the perfect

Outsource Sales Calls

  When you are starting to building your brand, there are a number of effort layers you have to go through in order to succeed. An example of one