10 Apps or Services That Can Help You Make Sales


Have you explored the latest apps and services to help you stay organized and boost your sales efforts? When you’re out in the field, you need as much as you can at your fingertips. Even working from the office, anything to help you organize your prospects, clients, and their position in your sales funnel is a good thing, for your peace of mind as well as the impression you present to your clients. We have a few suggestions for you of our most recent favorites.

Social media

Hopefully, your marketing team got the ball rolling to calling out your company, but there are some tools that you can utilize individually as well.

LinkedIn – more than you think

Looking up your customers before you meet with them or even reach out can tell you a lot about them. You can see their position with the company. Not only does this let you know if they are a decision-maker in B2B sales, but it also gives you some conversation topics when you get face-to-face.

Another piece of gold on LinkedIn is a tool called Crystal Knows that plugs into LinkedIn. Crystal Knows gives you an insight into the personality traits of that person. It does this by their communication and activity on LinkedIn, or if they have taken the assessment on the tool, you have pure gold for sales insight. Crystal Knows helps you compose emails to your contact and offers advice on what to focus on in the conversation.

Other social media venues – join groups and make an impact

Other social media is more social than professional, but never overlook the value of professional interest groups. It might be an excellent method of prospecting in a casual setting where your prospects are more at ease. Start first by participating in conversations and bring value, all the while keeping a close eye for questions or opportunities to reach out and prospect the value of your company. Who knows? You might have some fun and forget you’re prospecting. Just keep away from the funny cat videos.

HubSpot for desktop and mobile

Hubspot is a CRM tool, and much more! You can store your contact information and track your activities and interactions through your sales funnel. You’ll love the mobile business card scanning feature, which digitizes the card and saves the information into your contacts.

Hubspot is much more than a CRM, however. It is also a marketing tool, for those of you who do it all. You can send marketing emails, set up web pages, and social media blasts all from this one tool. The CRM primary tool is available free, and more functionality is available for subscription fees.

Time Buddy for Scheduling ease

If you are working across several time zones, this Google calendar overlay will prove itself to you quickly with its ease of use. It serves as your world clock, time zone converter, and email scheduler that you and others on your team can view in your Google Calendar.

Doc Scan

This free app turns your snapped photo of a document into a PDF or JPG, whichever you prefer.

DocuSign for eSignatures

If your prospect is ready to become a customer, you don’t want to delay and risk the chance of them changing their mind (or look up your competition). An eSignature platform like DocuSign can get their signatures on the spot from your mobile app, or you can email the contract for them to sign electronically. You both have a signed copy of the contract in a snap. Think of eSignatures in threes:

  1. From anyone
  2. From anyone
  3. At any time

Profit Story to spin the numbers

Whether you do it before you meet to be ready for negotiations or you’re doing it on the spot, Profit Story can compute your profit metrics quickly. Use this tool to gauge the amount of profit, break-even point, and other metrics that help you close that deal.

Keynote for presentations

You no longer have to pull out your laptop to work on your presentation. Keynote enables you to work from any mobile device, with fresh imagery to dazzle your customers. Keynote also supports real-time collaboration with your team, so you are all empowered to work together from any location.

Note-taking apps

Gone are the days of the notebook and Dictaphone. We’ve got some great tools for you to use on the fly.

Evernote – anywhere…anytime

As long as you have your mobile device, you never need a pen with Evernote. Not only is Evernote an app to jot down your random notes during a meeting, but it also tags your notes by location so you can easily make the connection days later if memory fails you, even if you forgot to add a title.

Dragon killed the Dictaphone

You no longer need an additional device in your pocket to record your notes or random thoughts. You don’t even need an administrative assistant to transcribe your notes. Dragon does it all for you. Speak into the Dragon app, and it translates your voice memo into text for you. It can also store your texts and emails, as well.

Quickvoice – when you want to listen to it all again

Quickvoice is another recording tool for more than a memo. Use this app to record entire meetings, speeches, and conference segments.

Wunderlist replaces your post-it confetti of to-do notes

Clean up your desk or dashboard from all of those post-it reminders of things you need to do and never lose one again. Wunderlist is your central list of things to get done, and the list can be shared with your coworkers for a team effort.

Put your life into perspective with Headspace

Now that you’ve streamlined all of your stressful tasks, notes, and to-do’s, it’s time to take care of yourself at the end of the day. Headspace offers things just for you, like meditation and mental exercises to improve your focus. Whether you’re putting your head in the game for a big meeting or decompressing from a busy day, there’s something in Headspace to get you ready for a big finish.

Final tool – Call Motivated Sellers

No, we don’t have an app yet, but you can contact us from your mobile device. We’d love to talk to you about how a dedicated cold caller can get you more qualified contacts and keep your sales team out on the road.