Buying and Selling My House: The Coronavirus Impact


Can I quickly sell my House during the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus has put a pause on many things, but selling homes isn’t one of them. The fact is, many people made plans to move in 2020. Whether it be for a new job, to find a bigger house for their growing family, to downsize, etc., The point is, if people were planning to move, most likely, they still will.

The selling process may go a bit slower than normal, but if you invest in the right tools, you can sell your home in the blink of an eye. For instance, cold calling to find potential buyers is a great way to get in touch with clients that you may not have otherwise come in contact with.

Is it safe to sell my house during the Coronavirus?

If you are concerned about selling your house during the coronavirus; don’t be. There are quite a few ways to ensure you remain healthy. Several real estate agents are canceling open houses and limiting showings to only serious buyers. Showing houses to serious buyers works in your favor, because not only are you limiting contact with others, but you are saving time by only showing your home to buyers who are ready to make a purchase.

It’s also a great idea to keep hand sanitizer out during showings and request that all visitors wear face masks. Then, once the showing is over, put on a set of rubber gloves and wipe down all door handles and countertops that anyone might have touched.

Buying and Selling My House: The Coronavirus Impact

What’s the impact Coronavirus will have on my house?

Coronavirus might impact your home during the selling process as long as you allow it to. To keep the coronavirus from impacting your home, focus on a strong sales strategy, and ensure everything is done on your part when it comes time to close on the house. The only part in the process that really might be impacted is the closing because inspectors, appraisers, escrow agents, and others involved in the process might be away from work, which is out of everyone’s control. But if there is a home that is put up for sale, you can still count on it to sell.

How fast can I sell my house during the Coronavirus?

The truth is, as fast as you want it to sell! Selling your home is something that is in your control. The trick is, it might take a bit more effort to sell your home during the coronavirus but as long as you are using strong sales methods, there is no reason why your home shouldn’t sell. Consider cold calling potential buyers so you can get in touch with the right buyer.

Is there a company that can sell my house instantly in the Coronavirus?

At Call Motivated Sellers, we are here to find your buyers. We will make several cold calls to find qualified leads. By qualified leads, we mean we will find those that are serious about purchasing your home and ready to make a purchase whether the pandemic is still going on or not. At Call Motivated Sellers, we will find you the right buyer, so the rest of the selling and closing process is a piece of cake.

Will investors buy my house now even though Coronavirus is happening?

The Coronavirus has not affected the real estate investment industry all that much. If anything, it will help you to find the right investors. The right investors are serious about buying property and they are ready to buy whether it’s during a pandemic or not. Real estate investors understand that these tough times will pass, and real estate is still a strong investment. At Call Motivated Sellers, we are here to connect you to those investors who are ready to make a purchase.