How to make the most out of your real estate business- Part II


The real estate market is more competitive than ever. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are nearly 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. With that in mind, several realtors wonder how they can get ahead of their competition.


Perhaps the most significant thing about being a realtor is that your success is in your own hands! With the right course of action, you can grow your business and increase sales all on your own! Here are some ways you can grow your real estate business:


Be more determined with networking

In recent blogs, we have mentioned the importance of networking. We are mentioning it again because it really can bring tremendous success to your business. When attending networking events, it’s important to show up, but it’s even more important to focus on building strong relationships with people in the industry who can help you the most.


When attending networking events, or any event, it’s easy to interact with those who share the same qualities you do. However, the purpose of networking is to interact with people who are different from you. The more diverse your network is, the better your results. With a diverse network, you can build relationships with people with different skills and qualities, and as a result, you can reach specific goals.


Improve time management

When you are always on the go with an endless to-do list, it is challenging to grow your business. As you are catching up on tasks, you miss out on the opportunity to focus on growing on your business.


One of the biggest reasons realtors struggle with time management is because of distractions. Realtors only have so much desk time and an increasing amount of technologies to manage.


If you are a real estate agent that struggles with time management and a never-ending to-do list, it might be a good idea to consider an easy-to-use time management tool. Additionally, remember to keep all distractions to a minimum. For instance, taking a personal phone call and staying on the phone for over 10 minutes will cost you time away from your business.


Utilize email

You should have a CRM system with all of your contacts, including potential leads. If you do have the contact information of potential leads, it’s important to interact with them. A great way to do this is via email. Email allows you to show your knowledge and build relationships with your clients. If you regularly use email, you can ensure that you are staying at the top of your client’s minds, so when the time comes that they need a real estate agent, they know they can count on you.


Become a social media expert

Managing social media might seem time-consuming, but you can’t run from the fact that 2.8 billion people are using social media. If you want to grow your business, social media is one of the best ways to do so. You should be active on more than one social network where you can share content, discover new leads, and reach an audience of potential buyers or sellers. Consider using Facebook to share your latest listings or discover people in your community who might be looking for a home. You may want to also consider using LinkedIn to interact with other real estate agents in the industry.


Ask for referrals

According to a survey by OutboundEngine, 75 percent of an agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth. This means that if you are not asking for referrals, you are missing out on a huge portion of your business. Asking for referrals might seem intimidating but here are some ways to make it easier:


  • Offer referral incentives
  • Ask for referrals on your website/social media
  • Give clients a sincere thank you after giving you a referral


Asking for a referral might not seem easy, but you will come to find that several of your clients are happy to give you a referral. If you don’t ask, they may never know that this need exists.


Consider asking for help

One of the first steps to growing your business is admitting that you need help. There is only so much people can do on their own.  If you want to take your business to the next level, you might want to consider working with a team of your own. You can start by hiring an assistant to help you with the small administrative tasks so you can focus on meeting with clients or generating leads, or you might consider hiring your own sales team.



Why you need a sales team

When your business takes off, it will be nearly impossible to handle everything. There will be little time for administrative tasks when you are continuously meeting with clients and closing deals. Needless to say, there will be almost no time to generate new leads.


Call Motivated Sellers: Bringing you qualified leads

That’s where Call Motivated Sellers comes in. At Call Motivated Sellers, we bring you new leads so that you can focus on doing what you do best: closing deals. Our team of cold callers will bring you qualified leads and help build your CRM system so that, down the road, you have a long list of qualified leads.


Several real estate agents don’t consider cold calling when building their sales strategy mostly because they don’t have the time for it, or they are too intimidated to get on the phone with strangers. Our team understands why real estate agents don’t use cold calling which is why we are here to help! If you want to grow your business, it’s time to consider making cold calling a part of your sales strategy.


Are you ready to take that next step to grow your business? Contact our team at Call Motivated Sellers today!