From cold calls to closing: How to make the most out of your real estate business


From cold calls to closing: How to make the most out of your real estate business

To be successful as a realtor, you must work effectively through each step of the sales process. By the sales process, we mean discovering qualified leads, listening to clients, and hopefully helping them sell or buy a home.


The truth is, there is no simple way to enhance your real estate prospecting funnel, but could cold calling be a way to get you on the right path?


If you are looking to make your real estate business the best it’s ever been, we’re here to talk through some steps you should take to grow your business.


Step 1: Find qualified leads with cold calling

Many realtors think cold calling is dead. However, this is not the case. When cold calling is done the correct way, it is highly effective. Cold calling is also a way to get ahead of your competition. Most realtors use the same method to find new prospects, and fortunately for you, most realtors don’t use cold calling in their strategy.


Cold calling requires a particular skill. Most people get intimidated by getting on the phone with strangers and asking them if they are looking to sell or buy a property. Moreover, cold calling takes time. Most realtors don’t have enough hours in the day to sit on the phone and call prospective clients. Successful cold calling in real estate is an essential element in an outbound marketing strategy- but it must be done the right way to be effective.


By the right way, we mean cold calling should be a way of relationship building. Once you build relationships with prospective clients, they are more likely to trust you and become a qualified lead. It’s important to have a relationship with your prospective clients because it will ultimately determine how the rest of the sales process plays out.


Tip: If you’re not confident in your cold calling skills or simply don’t have the time for it, Call Motivated Sellers is happy to take on this step for you! We will do all the work to find you qualified leads so that the rest of the sales process is a breeze and you can then do what you do best- close deals!

Step 2: Build a database

Realtors have an advantage today because of the technology that is available to them. One new technology that all realtors should be using is a Customer Relationship Management program (CRM.) With a CRM program, you can have better conversations with your clients and build your business by increasing sales. Here’s how you should be utilizing your CRM programs:

  • Make good notes on how you know each person
  • Details on any previous conversations
  • Notes on client’s personality/ interests so you can connect in future conversations
  • What the client is looking for in terms of a property
  • Any connections clients might have to other prospects -Your database should be continuously growing


Pro Tip: If a CRM is a new tool to you, Call Motivated Sellers is happy to get you started! We will begin by logging the information of all prospects we connect with and will then pass the information along to you, so you can keep track of your leads and add to the CRM program as needed.


Step 3: Seek to understand

If you put step one into action and start off with a strong relationship with your client, this step should be easy. Here your goal should be to learn all you can about the client and understand them so that you can provide them with feasible options.


Step 4: Learn

As a real estate agent, you will never stop learning. You should always be learning about new clients, the overall market, particular neighborhoods, the different houses for sale, and all the other factors that clients are looking for. Your knowledge will show clients that you know what you are talking about and that you are passionate about what you do. When clients see this, they will want to move forward with your services.


Step 5: Network

The success of your real estate business is determined by the effort you put into it. Another important thing you can do to grow your real estate business is to network. By making networking a priority, you can gain more contacts and close more deals. There will then come a point in time where you have to negotiate deals for your clients. When you have a strong network, you have a greater chance to have those deals for close successfully.

Step 6: Be the best real estate agent you can be

Throughout your real estate career, you will work with some clients who have worked with several real estate agents in the past, and then you will work with some who don’t know a thing about real estate or the process. It’s your job to guide your clients through the process all the way to the closing table. This means holding their hand every step of the way to ensure everything is completed for a smooth sales process. It’s important to be there for your clients at all times, should they ever need your help. Your goal should be to make it to the closing table with as few hiccups as possible. Every client is different, so each process will be different, but by doing all you can to make it to the closing table will help the process move along.


Call Motivated Sellers: Helping you make the most of your real estate business

Successful real estate agents are busy enough. From networking to learning and understanding and all of the other tasks in between, you might be wondering how is one supposed to do it all?


Here is a sign of relief- you can’t. If you are looking to grow your real estate business, don’t be afraid to ask for help! At Call Motivated Sellers, we are here to help. We will take on the cold calling process for you so we can find you qualified leads. From there, you do what you do best: close the deal.


Want to learn more about how cold calling can grow your real estate business? Contact our team at Call Motivated Sellers today!