When Is It Time to Let a Cold Contact Go?


Tenacity is certainly one of the core qualities required for both effective cold calling and successful real estate sales. However, another crucial element is understanding when to let a cold contact go.

Sometimes, leads simply aren’t interested, and this is alright. The more quickly you can determine which cold calls are worth your time and tactfully end the conversation, the more time you have to focus on qualified leads. While some contacts will end the conversation immediately, others may continue to speak with you even if they lack the financial backing for your services. In other cases, potential clients have the budget, but your offer may not be a good match for their needs.

The key to successfully ending a cold call is responding with kindness and leaving the door open to continue a professional relationship in the future if the prospect happens to have a change of heart. Pay close attention to these signs that a candidate may not be the right fit for your company, and utilize the advice below to end the conversation gracefully.


Signs That a Cold Contact Isn’t the Right Fit

The Lead Isn’t Engaging with You

It’s relatively easy to determine when a cold contact is uninterested in your offering. The simplest way to tell whether or not a lead is engaging with you is through their responses to your questions. If a lead consistently responds to questions with close-ended, one-word answers, like “Yes” or “No,” they are certainly not as interested in the conversation as you. An interested lead will make an effort to continue the conversation by asking questions or explaining their thoughts at greater length.

The Lead Is Unclear About What They Want

Unlike cold contacts, a qualified lead is certain about the specific product or service they are interested in purchasing. In the real estate industry, prospective buyers and sellers have a thorough understanding of what they’re looking for and their budget. If a lead seems unsure about their needs, there may be a couple of reasons for this. The first reason is that they’re simply not interested in your product or services. Secondly, there is always the possibility that the lead is overwhelmed with their options. If this is the case, make an effort to put the lead at ease and do not confuse them with excessive information. If they continue to hesitate or flip-flop on their intentions, it may be a sign that they aren’t ready to commit and can be put on a backburner or let go for now.

The Lead Doesn’t Have the Budget

This is a telltale sign that it’s time to let a cold contact go. When a lead lacks the financial backing for your product or service, it’s not in your best interest to expend energy working with them, as there will be no financial return. However, you don’t need to abandon these leads completely. Consider offering them your contact information, and let them know that you can meet their needs when they’re ready to buy or sell down the road.

The Lead Doesn’t Fit Your Ideal Customer Profile

When visitors to your company’s website provide contact information, such as their email address or phone number, it signifies their interest in your product or service. However, this is no indication that they are a good lead. During a cold call, ask them questions that allow you to discern whether or not they are a good fit for your company. For the best results, ask questions such as the following to decide whether a lead is worth pursuing:

  • “What is your ideal price range?”
  • “What is your income?”
  • “Are you interested in buying or selling?”

It is also helpful to inquire about a lead’s current lifestyle. If the person has recently retired, they are not likely to be interested in purchasing the same property as a newlywed who is ready to start a family. If the lead doesn’t align with your business, it’s time to move on to the following contact.


How to Politely Part Ways With a Lead

When you’re ready to end the conversation with an uninterested contact, close the discussion in a pleasant and swift manner. Even if it feels like a waste of time, make sure your call concludes on a friendly note by speaking positively. Studies have indicated that 38% of credibility relies on the tone of voice, while only 7% relies on your actual words.

Your social network is the backbone of your business in the real estate industry, so it pays to maintain a professional connection with everyone — even leads that seem to have gone cold. Provide the lead with your contact information, and perhaps they will refer you to a qualified lead in the future.


Generate More Qualified Leads with Professional Help

Cold calling isn’t for everyone. It’s a skill that requires persistence, knowledge of sales, and a dazzling personality. It takes practice to master the art of tactfully ending the conversation with cold leads and identifying which leads are qualified to continue your professional relationship with them.

If you have trouble cold calling, you always have the option to work with a team of professional cold callers. They will handle the challenging work of screening potential leads and send qualified leads to your sales team to close the deal. Great cold callers work with you to create your ideal customer profile and develop a cold calling strategy that will appeal to your target audience. As experienced cold callers spark a conversation with leads, they will explain the benefits of your products or services. In addition, they will be sure to ask qualifying questions to gauge a potential client’s interest.

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