5 Tips to Convert Your Warm Leads Into Real Estate Sales


So, you’ve finally moved past the initial phase of contact, and you’re ready to convert a lead. While there are many different ways to follow up, a traditional phone call is the best way to deepen your human connection with warm leads and ultimately convert them.

However, this is no easy task. Converting a warm lead into a client requires skill and strategy. It begins with starting the conversation off on the right foot. From there, allow the conversation to flow by asking questions that provide you with insight regarding the lead’s priorities. Offer solutions to any pain points they may be experiencing, and swiftly end the conversation if they don’t appear receptive. This way, you can leave the door open for a conversion in the future.

When you’ve formed a lead-generating partnership with a professional cold calling company, you’ll have more warm leads than ever before. Apply the tips below to your next phone call with a warm lead, and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

How to Convert Your Warm Leads

Remind Leads That They’ve Shown Interest

By definition, warm leads are people who have already expressed an interest in your services. Perhaps they have followed your business account on social media, completed a contact form on your website, or signed up for your newsletter. Still, people may not remember their most recent engagement with your company. When you reach out to them over the phone, begin on a solid note by reminding them of their interest when you start the call. As a result, your phone call will seem like an invited conversation rather than an unexpected interruption to the person’s plans for the day. This will help potential clients recognize you as a professional who is responsible, organized, and motivated enough to maintain a connection.

Improvise Your Script

Most people begin cold calling with a script tailored to the needs of their ideal customer. However, experienced cold callers know that following a script precisely as it is written tends to sound robotic. In addition, warm calling is slightly different than cold calling. Since you’ve had some contact with the lead in the past, leave room to improvise to enhance the natural flow of conversation. Remember, your goal is to cultivate a lasting relationship with warm leads that generates increased sales and referrals. 

Ask the Right Questions

Although warm leads may have interacted with your real estate business in the past, don’t presume their motives. There are many different reasons they may have engaged. For example, they may have followed your social media account simply because they are interested in viewing pictures of properties in their area. In other cases, they may be planning to buy or sell a home in the years to come, so they signed up for a newsletter with no immediate intention to buy. They may even be scouting the area on another person’s behalf. When you ask thoughtful questions, it allows you to determine what each lead is looking for and increases the odds that you will convert them into a client or gain a valuable referral.

Pay Close Attention to Pain Points

During a conversation with warm leads, listen intently for the lead mentioning any pain points that prevent them from completing a transaction. Many leads struggle with finding the right neighborhood or properties that fall within their budget. Consider recommending neighborhoods that align with the lead’s priorities. If a warm lead seems overwhelmed with the idea of dealing with a bank, suggest private brokers that help borrowers obtain low-interest mortgages. In a nutshell, think of creative ways to assuage any pain point a potential client is concerned about.

Keep the Interaction Short

Warm calling is generally much more pleasant than cold calling since leads have expressed an interest in your real estate business, and are more likely to be receptive. However, this is not an excuse to extend the length of the conversation. Without a moment’s notice, you can quickly begin to seem intrusive if you are not careful. The majority of your warm leads may not be interested in buying or selling right away. If this seems to be the case, make a note of this and contact the lead at another time. You mustn’t expend too much energy on leads that are not ready to convert. When the time is right, close the conversation tactfully, and move on to the next contact.

Generate More Warm Leads with Professional Cold Callers

When it’s time to expand your real estate business and generate more leads, why not work with professional cold callers? When it comes to bonding with potential clients, nothing compares to a tried-and-true phone call. With professional cold calling on your side, you can connect with your target audience in a highly personal, humanistic way that other marketing tactics can’t match. Experienced cold callers know how to handle the important details, like asking qualifying questions and emphasizing the unique benefits of your real estate business.

Professional cold callers will work with you to learn the details of your agency and create a dynamic script that appeals to your ideal customer. Once leads have been suitably warmed and express interest in your business, cold callers will turn them over to your sales team to seal the deal, providing a steady stream of potential new revenue.

Discover the many benefits of working with a team of professional cold callers. Your real estate business is sure to expand as more eager prospects contact your team than ever before.

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