Spring Cleaning Tips for Selling Your Home


Are you selling your home this spring? Regardless of whether the economy is hot, cold, or neutral, property availability almost always increases in the spring because this is when the majority of consumers are actively looking to buy a house.

When a home is for sale, the intention is to make it as appealing to prospective buyers as possible. Buyers want to picture themselves and their family in the home and if they have to look past your clutter and grime, it becomes difficult for them to imagine. Cleaning the house thoroughly is an easy fix and the most cost-effective way to spruce it up or add curb appeal. Take a look at our value-boosting spring cleaning tips for selling your home to make sure you get every nook and cranny.


1. Declutter Surfaces and Countertops

Many potential homebuyers may not be able to see beyond the clutter and dirt. They might think the house is too small for their belongings if it is crammed with the owner’s “things.” Too much clutter is also a safety threat — as well as a buying hazard! If someone viewing your home falls over things left on the stairs, they’re unlikely to have a positive impression of the home.

The best place to start your decluttering is the kitchen. Clear out the stacks of paperwork, unopened mail, tangled chargers, and mismatched mugs. Find storage space in your kitchen cabinets, then arrange the products in cute containers like stackable woven storage bins. Then, organize them by category: one for extra sponges, another for computer and phone chargers, etc. Remove everything from the counter that doesn’t need to be there. The basics, such as a clean coffee maker, toaster, and stylish spice rack are ok to leave out, but everything else should be put away.

Next, take a look at your bathroom counters. Having empty bottles of face wash, used razors, soaps, and bobby pins on display won’t make your bathroom countertop appealing to anyone. Hairdryers and shavers should be neatly packed away, and your toiletries should be stored in the medicine cabinet or thrown away. Once everything is in its place, let loose and clean the sink and nearby fixtures until they’re spotless.


2. Create a Pleasant Scent in Your Home

When determining whether or not a property is right for them, prospective buyers will use all of their senses. Adding pleasant scents will help them associate positive thoughts with your home (and potentially drive up how much it sells for). It’s also an excellent entry on our list of spring cleaning tips for selling your home. Start by opening your windows and doors to let in some fresh spring air, then light a few scented candles throughout the house or heat some vanilla essence in a heatproof bowl with some water on a low heat and let the sweet scent waft through your home. When all else fails, a batch of oven-fresh cookies never hurt.


3. Clean Up Your Yard

Curb appeal is real, and it’s the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up to your home. To boost your home’s appeal, rake the grass, remove dead leaves and litter from the lawn, and trim the bushes. Allowing overgrown vegetation to block the windows or the route to the entrance is not a good look. Cutting back bushes and tree limbs will let the sun shine into your home and highlight the beauty of its exterior.


4. Invest in a Door Mat and Umbrella Stand

Spring weather can be volatile no matter where you live. In some states, it can be 72 degrees one day and 33 degrees and snowing the next. No matter the weather, you want to keep your home spotless and organized. Give buyers a place to put their umbrellas and wipe their feet before entering your home if it’s raining. To keep things clean, some sellers lay down plastic runners across the floor, but this tends to take away from the appealing look of a freshly cleaned floor.


5. Make Your Hardwood Floors Shine

Before you list your house, polish your hardwood floors to make years of wear appear less visible. To begin, test a small area of the floor to ensure that the solution you use won’t harm the floorboards. Some floors require waxing rather than polishing and using the wrong technique or solution will result in a dull finish or worse, costly repairs.

Then, as much furniture as possible should be moved out of the way, and the floors should be vacuumed to remove any dust and debris. Pour tiny quantities of polish onto each region of the floor and wipe it down with a flat-surface mop. Allow at least a day for the polish to settle in before moving everything out.


6. Repaint the Room with a New Coat of Paint

Nothing beats a new coat of paint when it comes to making your home look modern, fresh, and appealing to potential buyers. Take advantage of the chance to touch up the paint or even go for a new coat when you’re shifting your furniture around or do a deep clean. Remember that the outside walls of your home are one of the first things a prospective buyer will see, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean or repaint them as well.


7. Do a Deep Clean

While you’re decluttering, repainting, and freshening the ambiance in your home, another one of our spring cleaning tips for selling your home is to do a deep clean. Pull out the old bucket and mop and get to work. Remove fingerprints and grime from windows and shiny surfaces, especially baseboards and cabinets. You might not notice the dust the has accumulated on your bookshelf, but a buyer might. Be liberal with your duster and vacuum. A dusting spray will help you make sure the dust particles don’t just end up floating in the air and resettling on your furniture.

If repainting isn’t an option, scrub surfaces thoroughly to remove dust, grime, and fingerprints. While painted surfaces are usually washable, test the cleaning solution on a hidden area first.

Use a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner. Start at the bottom and work your way up, overlapping areas and using a circular motion to prevent streak marks while cleaning large vertical areas.

You’ll likely have a lot of people visiting your home over the next few weeks. Keep up with regular cleaning so each potential buyer has the same immaculate experience.




Call Motivated Sellers

With spring right around the corner, you must get your home ready for potential homebuyers. Whether you’re a realtor or an owner, doing so can make all the difference between a home that sells quickly or one that spends months on listing sites. Employing our featured spring cleaning tips for selling your home is sure to improve your property’s appeal and the likelihood of selling. For realtors preparing homes for sale, Call Motivated Sellers can assist with finding ready-to-buy leads. Our team of cold calling experts can vet your list of qualified leads and offer guidance on your process.

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