The Number One Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy New Agents Must Try


The Number One Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy New Agents Must Try

With all the technology available for realtors today, it’s no surprise that some agents may begin to feel overwhelmed when it comes to their marketing strategy. What are realtors to do? So much has changed! Which tactics do you use? There are several lead generation strategies out there, such as social media, networking, creating content, referrals, and many more. However, there is one frequently underestimated strategy out there, and it just so happens to be one the number one real estate lead generation strategy out there!


What is this incredible strategy, you might ask? Cold calling!


Que the eye roll-we know what you are thinking. Cold calling? I hate cold calling! There is no way I can make cold calls.


If cold calling is not one of your most exceptional or favorite skills, don’t worry. You are not alone. Several people are intimidated by cold calling because getting on the phone with a stranger and offering them something requires a lot of confidence, persistence, and a sprinkling of finesse’. Many people fear getting shut down, which many times with cold calling, you do.


Some people may not be afraid to get on the phone and talk to strangers, but honestly, when cold calling is done correctly, it is time-consuming. Do you have time to manage your real estate business, all the other tasks you have, and have time to call around all day? Most people don’t.


CallMotivated Sellers: Taking on your cold calling


At CallMotivated Sellers, we understand the common fear of cold calling and that many realtors don’t have the time to make cold calls, but we also know how valuable cold calling is- if it’s done correctly. That is why our team of cold calling experts takes on your fear of cold calling so you can still benefit from cold calling and keep it as part of your lead generation strategy!


Here’s how it works:


Our cold calling experts will make several calls to find your real estate leads. Once we identify qualified leads, we send them to the real estate agents so they can take on the personal part of the deal: closing it. Our team holds on to every piece of information that we gather. So perhaps we speak to someone that might not be a lead right now, but a few months down the road might be interested. We will provide you all of their contact information so that you can have some leads to circle back to down the road once our work completes. Want to learn more about the work we do? Visit our testimonial page to learn how we have helped other clients!


Cold Calling: The number one lead generation strategy for real estate

You may be wondering, with all the technological advancements, how has cold calling remained the number one lead generation strategy for real estate? We’re here to share!


Online listings are only a small part of your leads

The real estate industry has drastically changed with the emergence of the internet and all of the tools it has brought such as Zillow,, and other sites where you can view and share online listings.


A common mistake that realtors make is relying on these online listings. Once these tools became available to real estate agents, they completely forgot about the most successful lead generation strategy in history: cold calling.


Perhaps that’s because several people despise cold calling, and finally, there was a tool that allowed us to have led at the touch of our fingertips without putting in the effort with cold calling.


If you feel like your business is missing something or there are more leads out there than you are getting, it’s time to incorporate cold calling into your strategy.


Cold calling puts you ahead of the competition

There’s one thing about the internet that holds true, and that’s whatever you have access to, so does everyone else. You might have several leads thanks to online listings, but who’s to say other real estate agents aren’t chasing after the same deal?


Cold calling requires extra time and effort, but one of the advantages of cold calling is that it’s your own work, so it’s less likely that you will find yourself competing for business with other realtors.


More qualified leads

Have you had several leads coming your way at once, and then once it was all done, you closed zero deals? There’s a good chance that was because the leads you had weren’t qualified.


Cold calling helps to identify those qualified leads- those who are actually interested and are more likely to convert to a sale. If you have tons of unqualified leads, you are wasting your time. It is better to have ten qualified leads than it is to have one hundred unqualified leads. In this case, quality is more important than quantity.


Cold calling builds relationships

When cold calling executed flawlessly, the conversation and budding relationship should be natural. Often we think of the technique of building relationships to improve sales. The goal, however, is to see if we can provide something that will benefit the other person.


At Call Motivated Sellers, we focus on building that first relationship so that when it comes time for you to close the deal, you already have a good relationship with these clients. At Call Motivated Sellers, we focus on relationships over salesmanship. By doing so, we eliminate the chances of qualified leads losing interest and they will want to pursue our conversation further. You will find that the stronger the relationships, the more leads you will have, and it will also be easier to close the deal.


CallMotivated Sellers: Generating leads with cold calling


If you have been struggling with finding leads, it’s time to consider the best lead generation strategy out there! Whether you don’t have the time for cold calling, or it is not your highest skills, don’t let it keep you from getting those leads. Contact our team at Call Motivated Sellers to get started!