5 Extremely Effective Tips for Getting Quality Leads in Real Estate


5 Extremely Effective Tips for Getting Quality Leads in Real Estate

With all the technology that has been introduced to the real estate industry, real estate agents are more overwhelmed now than ever before. Real estate agents also now have choices to make when it comes to how and where they get qualified leads. So, how is one to make these choices when they don’t know all the latest and greatest strategies out there? We’re here to give you the 411 on the 5 most effective tips for getting quality leads in real estate.


But first, what is lead generation?


Lead generation is a marketing term that describes the process of attracting and converting a prospect into someone who is interested in your products or services. In the real estate industry, this means someone who is interested in using your services to buy, rent or sell their property.


Now, all that said, here are the 5 most effective tips to help you with your real estate efforts:


Take advantage of customer reviews

One of the greatest things about today’s marketing industry is that thanks to technology, your marketing efforts are in your own hands!

Back in the day, realtors would have to rely on publications such as newspapers, radio, and billboard ads to help market themselves, but today you can do it all on your own!


Keep in mind, it’s important for you to take advantage of this opportunity. To do so, you must ask your clients to share their reviews and testimonials. On your website, you should have a page for reviews. Additionally, other websites such as Zillow and Realtor.com include Realtor reviews.


Pro Tip: You can always take the reviews you receive from those external sites and publish them on your website. Essentially, sharing these reviews is conducting your own public relations strategy!


Build awareness with social media

Speaking of public relations, here’s another public relations strategy to increase leads. Use social media to build awareness. You should be active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build your network and the other networks are great when it comes to building your own personal network and boosting awareness.


Why and How: Social media is a great marketing tool not only because you can boost awareness yourself, but it is a cost-effective lead generation method. When it comes to your social media strategy, focus on building a network within your community so clients can share their experiences and help generate new leads by showing future homebuyers what the experience is or was like.


Create content

Writing might not be one of your strongest skills- but that’s okay! The good thing about producing content as a realtor is that it doesn’t have to be anything special. Here are some different ways you can develop content.


Newsletter: A monthly newsletter is an excellent way to get information out regularly to subscribed leads. Some information you could include in this newsletter is the local mortgage rates, the latest events in your community, and the newest listings in your area. Don’t forget to ask subscribers to follow you on social media to build an even bigger network!


Blogging: A blog is a digital tool that is found on your website. Blogs are excellent for sharing information with those that are interested in buying or selling a home. Blogs can also be shared via email or social media, so if you do have a blog page, take advantage of the opportunity in front of you, and maximize your audience by sharing this content!


Build an impressive website

If you are going to take marketing into your own hands to help with your lead generation strategy, you must have an impeccable website. A good website will have informative, valuable content that is of interest to your potential clients. You will want to include features such as a blog page, client testimonials, social media links, community news, and maybe even some of your top listings.


Your website should have a clean look to it and be easy to navigate. When you have a good website, you will want to share it as much as you can so you can receive the most website traffic. High website traffic will more than likely bring leads right to your doorstep.


Have a cold calling strategy

Technology is a great tool to help generate leads but keep in mind, not everyone is online nowadays. Out of the 7.7 billion people in the world, only 3.5 billion are online.  While 3.5 billion people still seem like a big number, keep in mind that most people are not online during all hours of the day. To maximize your audience, you will want to ensure that you are reaching as many people as you can. This means that you must come in contact with those who are not present online. An effective way to do this is by picking up the phone and calling people.


Pro Tip: Cold calling is generally not favored by most people. It is very common for people to be intimidated to pick up the phone and talk with strangers and then ask them if they are interested in using your services. Additionally, most realtors don’t have the time that it takes to make cold calls. That is where Call Motivated Sellers comes in.


Call Motivated Sellers: Helping you generate qualified leads


At Call Motivated Sellers, we take on your cold calling efforts so you can focus on the other operational and client-facing tasks that you need to be more focused on each day in order to keep yourself in business.


Cold calling still remains one of the most effective lead generation strategies out there in the real estate industry. When you work with Call Motivated Sellers, our team of cold calling experts will help find you the qualified leads you are looking for to help generate revenue for your business.


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