When to Outsource Cold Calling


Cold calling is the earliest stage in the selling process. This first stage of the selling process perhaps might be the very most critical step of the entire selling process. The success of your cold calling efforts will determine just how much business you can bring in to contribute to your bottom line.


Most salespeople and business owners don’t enjoy cold calling. Several salespeople find it intimidating and difficult to call up a stranger and talk to them about their product or services in an attempt to get them to buy their product, qualify the contact, or set up a meeting. Some salespeople that excel in forming relationships with customers feel like a fish out of water when it comes to cold calling. In other words, your star closer might not be the best resource to qualify leads for you. The best strategy is leveraging talents for the best results.


While several people disfavor cold calling, there is no denying that it is still an excellent tool in the sales and marketing processes. With the rise of the internet and everything it has to offer, some have started believing that the practice of cold-calling was dead. However, this is far from reality. Believe it or not, many of the large corporations continue to see results with the use of cold calling. Uber, Fortune 50, and Twitter still rely on this sales method to drive revenue.


Whether you are one who dislikes cold calling or you believe that it takes a lot of time and money to employ and train a cold calling team, you should consider outsourcing your cold calling services as an alternative to discontinuing such a valuable practice.


Reasons to Outsource Cold Calling Services

Here are some essential reasons to hold onto your cold calling practices.


Reduces Costs

Having an inside sales department can be expensive, but is it worth it? If you experience any turnover within your inside sales department, this is not only costing you money but also time. Each time an employee leaves, you must train a new team member, which can take months or even up to a year before the team member catches up to speed and can contribute to the growth of your company. By outsourcing your cold calling services, you will keep more money in your pocket and ensure an efficient sales experience.


It increases Productivity

Cold calling is time-consuming. Your internal sales team can spend nearly 8 hours a day, calling hundreds of people a day. When you choose to outsource your cold calling services, your team of dedicated professionals at Call Motivated Sellers takes on the responsibility of making all those calls so your sales team can focus on what matters most: closing deals. We also take care of the hiring and training details of your dedicated cold calling professionals.


Boosts Efficiency and Accuracy

Errors during the cold calling process are prevalent among sales teams, yet it can cost you money and cause you to lose quality leads along the way. When you outsource your cold calling services to Call Motivated Sellers, you can trust that our team has a higher rate of accuracy compared to most internal sales teams.


At Call Motivated Sellers, our primary focus is cold calling, so you can bet we are experts at what we do! Additionally, you are encouraged to be engaged and informed throughout the entire process. Call Motivated Sellers prioritizes communication, so you remain in the loop at all times.


To Enhance Your Reputation

When you outsource your cold calling, you can rest assured, knowing that we take care of everything. By taking care of everything, you don’t have to worry about your sales team calling out sick or taking vacation days. Your outsourcing team is always there when you need them. This team focuses on satisfying the customer’s needs and helping them make the right choice


Additionally, your outsourced cold calling team is a team of experts who represent your company as if it were their own. They will professionally represent your product, so it is clear to the customer that your product or service is reliable.


To Gain More Insight

Cold calling itself is time-consuming. Do you have the extra time required to take an in-depth look at your cold calling team’s efforts? Do you have the time to supervise your cold calling team adequately? When you outsource your cold calling efforts to Call Motivated Sellers, we take on that burden. We have all of the technology needed to keep track of all calls. We utilize tools like CRM systems, so all the information can easily be communicated with you.


To Be Flexible

At Call Motivated Sellers, we are all about understanding your customers. As we continue to make your cold calls, we measure our success throughout the process. By doing so, we can ensure that your potential customer is satisfied to improve your company’s reflection. If you desire to change anything about the cold calling process, we are flexible and ready to take on any new methods or feedback.  Outsource your cold calling services to us and watch your bottom line significantly increase.


Do What You Do Best

You probably have a Rockstar sales team, but do they love cold calling? Chances are, probably not. They might be fantastic at closing deals and building those great relationships along the way with your customers. We recommend letting your team focus on the closing end of the deal and allow the cold calling experts to take on your cold calling efforts. This move will maximize your success, so you have an effective cold calling team upfront and your Rockstar sales team on the back end. You can expect to pull in more leads, close more deals, and ultimately generate more revenue.


If you are looking to maximize your success in your sales department, outsourcing your cold calling services is the perfect solution. Once you do so, you will see more business coming to your door, higher productivity levels among your sales team, and increased revenue. Combine a robust cold calling strategy with a powerful sales process, and you will take your business to the next level.


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