5 Reasons You’re Not Closing Enough Real Estate Deals and How to Fix It


5 Reasons You’re Not Closing Enough Real Estate Deals and How to Fix It

Does it feel like you have hit a brick wall with your sales? No matter what you do, does it seem like you can’t get deals to close? We have all been there at one point or another. For any salesperson, it’s frustrating not having a client sign on that dotted line when it comes time to close the deal. After all, your success depends on the number of deals that you close.


There are quite a few reasons why a sales opportunity can fall apart. We’re here to address some of these reasons so that moving forward, you can close as many deals as you can!


You are not focusing on relationship building

Have you ever wondered why some people can talk to just about anyone, and within minutes they are able to close a deal? It’s because these people can build strong relationships with the buyer quickly. These people are the ones that can walk up to anyone and strike up a strong conversation with a complete stranger, then within seconds they have totally hit it off! The truth is, people really do buy from people they like.


So how do you become that person? Maybe you aren’t as outgoing as those who close all of their deals. The secret is to be yourself, and treat your clients as you want to be treated. Ah, the golden rule! Yes, listen to your clients and build trust with them. Building a relationship with your buyers before talking about your services. This is essential for your success.


Once you have built this relationship, then you can demonstrate your expertise to a buyer. At that point, your client will be working with someone that they can trust so that when they are ready to close the deal, they are confident that they are making the right decision.


Practice this enough and you’ll be able to do it quicker and quicker. Just like the folks mentioned earlier.


You don’t have qualified buyers

Identifying qualified leads is so important for your success. If you are struggling to close deals, it might just be that you are pursuing unqualified leads- meaning that your leads are not ready to buy. Before pursuing a lead, make sure to identify the following:

  • The buyer’s timeline
  • The buyer’s vision for the next steps
  • The buyer’s budget


You might spend hours upon hours with a potential buyer, just to find out they are not really ready to make a purchase. Before spending time with buyers, get to know them, and become familiar with their expectations.


Tip: If you are unsure how to qualify leads, you might want to partner with a group of professionals. At Call Motivated Sellers, we will do all the work for you, and we just send you the qualified leads. This way, you are only spending time with qualified leads that are ready to make a purchase.


You did not attend to the buyer’s needs

When it comes to closing a deal in real estate, buyers must feel like all of their needs and wants are met. Finding a gorgeous property simply is not enough. Although the property might be beautiful, there is a good chance that it might not meet your client’s specific needs. For example, maybe your client values a property that is in a good neighborhood and has excellent schools. If you are only focusing on the physical details of the property, you are entirely missing out on another crucial factor that will determine if they purchase the property or not.


Don’t be afraid to ask your buyers questions. When presenting a property to your buyer, talk with them about why you chose to show them the property and show them how it could work in their favor. With clear communication, you can help your client see the benefits of the property you are presenting them with.


There is a better alternative

As an agent, you want to ensure you are always better than the buyer’s next best alternative. This means you are continuously trying to be the best fit for all your client’s needs!


For example: find the best financial options for your client. Make sure that the deals are within their budget, and if they aren’t in their budget, try to pull some strings to arrange a deal that makes closing possible.


Always be sure to exhaust all of your options and use all your tricks before giving up on a client.


There is a sense of urgency

Whether your buyer needs a property in two weeks or a few months down the road, it’s important to act as if they need the property tomorrow. The real estate industry moves quickly. It’s not uncommon for a buyer to fall in love with a property, and as they are waiting to make their final decision, someone else snags the property. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to let your clients know that the industry does not wait for anyone. Additionally, it would help if you also remembered to do everything you can to speed the process up. Make sure all paperwork is collected, and all boxes are checked. Your clients will then follow by example.


Call Motivated Sellers: Helping you close real estate deals

If you feel like you have hit that brick wall and are struggling to find sellers for your buyers, it’s time to make a change. It’s never too early to begin scoring wins and having a successful year in sales.


At Call Motivated Sellers, we will help you find qualified leads. We do this through a cold calling methodology where we use ex-pats now living in Central America to provide native English calls to other Americans but at a reduced cost to call centers based in the US. Cold calling is not for everyone, but it is very much an essential factor that contributes to your success in real estate. At Call Motivated Sellers, we take on the cold calling for you, so you have more business at your doorstep.


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