7 top tricks for closing more real estate deals in 2020


7 top tricks for closing more real estate deals in 2020

Almost anyone could do the paperwork side of real estate, but how many people can do the more challenging part- closing deals? People underestimate how difficult it is to do the selling part of real estate. Unfortunately, most leads don’t typically show up at your doorstep. If you want to be successful, you have to work for it. This means you have to find leads, close the deals, and then complete the paperwork. Without the skill of a salesman/woman, it will be nearly impossible to become successful in the real estate industry.


The good news is, if you are not the top salesman, there are several tricks out there to get you caught up with the rest of the game. Here are 7 top tricks for you to use in 2020 to close more real estate deals.


Be Confident

Like anything else in life, if you are not confident in yourself, it will show. If you have ever seen a public speech where someone was clearly uncomfortable speaking publicly, there is a good chance the crowd caught that vibe. When you are not confident in yourself, your clients will catch on.


However, when you are enthusiastic about a showing or meeting with clients, the clients catch that vibe too and it becomes contagious. They start to get excited about the deal. Being in real estate isn’t always the easiest thing. Showings can turn out not how you expected the property to be or your clients can be tough to work with. The trick is to maintain your confidence so that you can find, negotiate, and close a deal that works for everyone.  Even if you are unsure, play it off like you know what you are doing. When clients get the feeling that a realtor is unsure about something, it’s easy for them to become hesitant to do business with you.


Less is more

As a real estate agent, it is so easy to get carried away with helping out clients. After all, helping clients is our job, right? Unless a client requests specific information, send only the necessary information. Sending clients hundreds of listings day after day, on top of all the things to do in the area, and so on can be overwhelming to clients. Before sharing too much information, wait until clients show interest.


Listen to your clients

It is important to remember as a real estate agent, time is money. In other words, don’t spend time sending clients homes that you know they are not interested in. Your clients would much rather you send them fewer listings that they are definitely interested in. In addition to listening, make sure you are asking the right questions. This way you know of all the requirements they need so you can find the perfect property for your clients.


Be there for your clients

Buying a home is a huge deal to most people. Mainly because it requires a significant amount of money and it is a big commitment. If you notice your client is having some issues that they aren’t speaking up about, ensure them that you are there to work with them! Many clients don’t speak their mind when the realtor can potentially work a deal out to ensure the client is happy. If the client has a problem with a property that you can’t find a solution for, that only means that the property is not for them, but there will be a property for them down the road. Treat your clients how you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.



You may find that some clients are interested in a property but when it comes to closing the deal, they are not ready. This is when it comes time to offer them a deal that they can’t say no to, and your networking skills come into play. More than likely, you will have to work with the other realtor on the other side to negotiate a good deal, but if you don’t have relationships with that person and can’t negotiate a solution, this will be difficult to do and your deal might die. To help in this situation, some realtors are able to put a time-limit on the offer that is known as a “sharp angle close.” Or, you can get pretty flexible with price.


Be yourself

As a real estate agent, you are constantly building new relationships. Rather than putting on a fake persona, be yourself just as you are with your peers or friends. Your clients are looking for a trustworthy, reliable real estate agent that they can work with.


Get Help

Being a real estate agent is hard work. Between growing your business, closing deals, finding deals, and everything in between, how is one supposed to do everything? Here’s the thing: you can’t. If you are really ready to grow your business it’s time to ask for help. One of the best things you can do for your real estate business is to have a team of professionals find quality leads for you.


Call Motivated Sellers: Growing your real estate business

Call Motivated Sellers do this through cold calling. Cold calling isn’t for everyone and real estate agents certainly don’t have the time to make calls all day long. That’s where our team comes in. Call Motivated Sellers will do all the work for you. We will find you leads and then direct them to you so that you can do what you do best- close deals. Should we come across anyone that isn’t ready to sell their property but might be interested in the future, we will make note of it so that you can have this information down the road.


Growing your real estate business is hard work and can’t be done on your own. At Call Motivated Sellers, we are here to help your business grow! Ready to get started and make 2020 your best year yet? Let’s talk!