The 5 Hottest Real Estate Markets in the U.S. in 2022


As warm weather arrives, the nation’s hottest real estate markets start heating up as well.

When competition is fierce, real estate agents must do everything in their power to connect with new clients and close sales. If you’re in the real estate business, it’s of the utmost importance that you understand the current state of the market and implement strategies to stand out amongst your competitors. Let’s discuss the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. and tactics that you can use to close more sales.

Cities Seeing the Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2022

Research from Zillow has identified U.S. cities at the top of their real estate game this year. As Zillow stated, there are “fewer sellers willing to sell, and fewer homes built by builders.” Combined with an astronomical demand for housing, this means every property is a hot commodity.

If you’re in these cities or the surrounding area, keep this information in mind and take a proactive approach when contacting potential clients.

1. Tampa, FL

In 2022, the Tampa Bay area is attracting a wide variety of new residents and businesses. Of course, this leads to increasing housing prices and daily expenses for residents, but the overall cost of living remains relatively low for transplants. People from New York City, Atlanta, and Miami are flocking to the Tampa Bay area to decrease their cost of living, and real estate investors are buying up properties, eager to take advantage of the current market. As a result, the average home value has jumped about 30% in the past year.

2. Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, another city in Florida, is a prime location for real estate investors. As of January 2022, the median home price in Jacksonville has risen 22.4%. Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida, so retirees, real estate investors, and families are eager to snatch up properties in the area. Although new construction is on the horizon, there currently aren’t enough homes on the market to meet the overwhelming demand.

3. Raleigh, NC

In the Raleigh metro area, housing prices have increased 23.7% in the past year. Meanwhile, the home supply has fallen, and homebuyers are feeling the impact with intense bidding wars. People from surrounding cities are attracted to Raleigh thanks to the world-class museums, outdoor activities, strong economy, and affordable cost of living. The market shows no signs of slowing down, and realtors should take advantage of this opportunity.

4. San Antonio, TX

Given the low cost of living and affordable housing, it’s no wonder that people are moving to San Antonio, Texas. Most people moving to San Antonio are from California and Florida, but some are also from nearby cities within Texas itself. People are drawn to San Antonio for its famous theme parks, performance venues, and sports arenas. Furthermore, San Antonio has a booming job market, which attracts homebuyers.

5. Charlotte, NC

Currently, Charlotte, North Carolina, is experiencing an incoming wave of homebuyers from Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. As a result, Charlotte’s supply of homes for sale has dipped to its lowest point in 17 years. So, what draws buyers to Charlotte? One of the most attractive considerations for homebuyers is the fact that Charlotte has the second-largest financial center in the world, pro sports teams, and a temperate climate year-round.

How to Get Ahead in a Competitive Market

As up-and-coming real estate businesses attempt to cash in on the lucrative state of the market, competition is more fierce than ever before. To cultivate a loyal clientele and sell more homes to eager buyers — even in the hottest real estate markets — consider implementing the following tactics for your most successful year yet. 

Embrace Networking

In the real estate industry, who you know is one of the most critical contributing factors to your overall success. In-person networking allows colleagues and clients to get to know you in the flesh. For in-person networking, the possibilities are endless because you never know who may be interested in purchasing a house. To meet new people, go to local concerts, art shows, and real estate networking events. Make yourself a recognizable fixture of the community, and a customer base will naturally follow.

Build a Social Media Presence

Everyone is online these days, so real estate agents should consider using social media to connect with potential clients. You can leverage social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your website and meet clients where they are. With social media, you can cultivate your professional image, expand your sphere of influence, and increase your sales.

Source More Leads with a Team of Cold Callers

While busy focusing on email, social media, or networking, many realtors overlook the pool of potential clients waiting on the other end of a phone. Luckily, to reach this audience, you don’t have to undertake the task of cold calling yourself. You always have the option to hire a team of professional cold callers who will create a script specifically tailored to your real estate services and help you generate more leads. And when a contact has been sufficiently interested in your services, professional cold callers will send qualified leads to your sales team to seal the deal.

Call Motivated Sellers

Keeping up with real estate industry trends keeps you at the top of your game. And if you’re competing in one of these hottest real estate markets, it’s especially important to understand what buyers and sellers are looking for and give them exactly what they want. While you find suitable properties for your existing clients and keep up with the booming market in your area, allow professional cold callers to enhance your multi-channel lead generation efforts so that you can direct your energy towards closing deals.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of cold calling, Call Motivated Sellers is here to help. We have years of experience cold calling in the real estate industry, along with access to the best information for buyers, sellers, and agents to help you close more leads. To learn more about the services we offer, contact our team today, and let’s talk!



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