Should You Stage Your Home When Selling? (Yes, and Here’s Why)


If you are wondering whether to stage your home when you are prepared to sell, don’t waste time thinking about it. The answer is an absolute yes! Selling your home is all about presentation, which is why your real estate agent will likely suggest hiring a professional real estate photographer to capture your home in the most appealing way. Curb appeal has the power to bring potential buyers to your doorstep.

But why do you need to stage your home instead of just using your furniture? Is it worth the investment? Let’s look at why you should direct your home and how it benefits you in the long run.


Staged Homes Sell Faster

The bottom line is staged homes just sell faster than their un-staged counterparts. Don’t believe us? According to the 2015 report on Home Staging by the NAR (National Association of Realtors), staging a home will increase the property’s value by 10-20%. According to RESA, homes staged before listing sell an average of 90% faster than homes that are not. The statistics all back up the inevitable truth that staged homes sell more quickly.

You Can Highlight Your Home’s Strengths

Does your house have a great dining room? Or maybe your home has a fabulous open floor plan. Both are very desired features in today’s housing market. People love to entertain, and after a challenging year, homeowners are excited to welcome guests once more. Whatever strengths your home possesses, a professional stager will find them and highlight them. They can use furniture and other accessories to make those features pop for potential sellers when they come in for their showing. Another hidden benefit to hiring a stager? If your home has any not-so-great pieces to it (think an ugly corner closet or an oddly shaped living room), stagers can downplay those features as well.


Staging Helps Buyers Imagine Themselves Living There

An empty house leaves everything up to the buyer’s imagination, and not everyone has the same level of invention. Staging a home allows potential buyers to see themselves living in your home and shows them the possibilities your house has to offer. Proper staging can make a room appear brighter or more spacious, making it that much more appealing. It’s so effective that only one out of 10 buyers can see themselves living in a home without the use of staging.


It Can Help You Beat Out the Competition

If there were only one house on the market, selling your home would still be pretty straightforward. Even though it is currently a seller’s market and remains one of the hottest housing trends in 2021, you still have plenty of competition when selling your home. You’ll likely have hundreds of potential buyers view the space, and in turn, they will probably look at hundreds of homes. So how do you beat out your competition? With an excellent home stager, of course.

Not everyone hires a stager for their home because it’s an optional expense that not everyone can afford or see the value in. If your potential buyer views several other houses and the competition has left their home empty or cluttered with their items, you can bet that they’ll schedule a viewing with your home first.


It Makes Your House Look Well Cared For

Nobody wants to purchase a run-down home or a house that’s been neglected. While having a cluttered home doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve let it fall into disarray, a staged place gives the idea that you’ve taken good care of your family’s home and want the subsequent owners to do the same. When someone buys your home, they want to feel confident that they won’t have to sink a lot of money into the property. Staging your home also helps potential homebuyers to see your home at its best, free of clutter and distraction. This increases the likelihood of the property selling.


You’ll Appeal to Agents

Agents spend every day of their lives walking through homes, showing them to buyers. They’ve seen it all, and they know how to spot when someone is going the extra mile to make their home appear move-in ready and appealing. When you stage your home it shows agents you are serious about selling and appealing to buyers, making them much more likely to show your home to interested parties. Why? Because a staged home is beautiful and exciting to offer.

It’s also much more likely to sell. Real estate agents work on commission, and they want a sale just as much as you do. A staged home is much more likely to move off the market quickly, making your home a hot commodity. Agents can see this, and they love it. Plus, it never hurts to have other agents on your side to get a little buzz created around your property.


You’ll Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

When you sell your home, you want to get top dollar. Nobody sells their home and hopes to get less money. This is why many buyers make repairs on the house’s interior and exterior before they put it on the market. It would be silly to invest all that money into repairs to get more for your house and then skip out on staging. As we’ve mentioned before, if you stage your home you often receive higher offers and create more favorable bidding wars than other homes.

This is because people associate a staged home with beauty and success. These homes look like the fairytale version of what buyers want their homes to look like someday. They can see themselves having breakfast at the dining room table and lounging on the fashionable living room sofa. According to the most recent survey done by NAR, staged homes, on average, bring in between $2,685 to $13,425 more than a home that hasn’t been staged. That’s a large chunk of change!



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