7 Best Real Estate Cold Calling Services [2022]


Not all real estate cold calling services have the level of prowess and technique required to successfully cold-call customers, but those that do are guaranteed to boost a business’ lead generation and close a higher number of sales.

Cold calling allows representatives to have the opportunity to form a unique relationship with your potential clients. Reps can get in touch with candidates in a personal fashion that emails and texts do not offer. Once a client is on the phone with a skilled and patient cold calling expert, they can effectively pitch a sale without sounding robotic or sales-y.

While many real estate cold calling companies have abandoned cold-calling in favor of email marketing, text messages, social media, and digital marketing, those who have stuck to this tried-and-true lead generation approach are more likely to succeed. In fact, companies who decided cold calling is not worth the energy have experienced 42% less growth than those who believed otherwise.

It is crucial to make the right decision about which real estate cold calling services you want to trust with your real estate business in order to generate more leads, fill your sales pipeline, and boost sales.

Here are the highest quality cold calling services worth the investment in 2022:


Call Motivated Sellers

Call Motivated Sellers offers a unique cold calling experience compared to the other options in the real estate industry: their team exclusively consists of Americans and Canadians. Unlike other real estate cold calling services on our list, CMS allows you to chat with your potential phone agents so that you have control over the script, their approach, and how they represent your business.

Another thing that makes their real estate cold calling services superior to the others is they develop an appointment setting strategy to appeal to your perfect customer. As your team of cold calling experts gain a deeper understanding of your ideal audience, they will develop the worthwhile skill of pre-prospecting your candidates before speaking to them. These phone agents are trained with great communication skills, take their time, and establish rapport with potential clients to not push them away. This makes their process ideal for capturing cold leads, warm leads, and qualified leads, whichever you want.

Call Motivated Sellers is one of the best cold calling services for real estate wholesalers and investors because they use the power of intuition to carefully catch prospects, all while educating them about the benefits of your services. With 96% of their real estate clients willing to refer to their services, Call Motivated Sellers are certainly the best choice compared to other options when outsourcing your cold calling campaign.


Sales Hive

Booking meetings are what drive the representatives at Sales Hive. Their laser-like lead generation focus is what makes them one of the best cold calling companies out there. The main benefit of their real estate cold calling services lies in their promise to monitor one or two accounts at a time to gain knowledge on how they can best sell your real estate services. Sales Hive also keeps their senior cold callers on-call to guarantee that your daily quota is met, even in the case of unexpected representative absences. And if you need guidance, they can also use feedback loops to help optimize your cold calling marketing strategy.


SuperHuman Prospecting

SuperHuman Prospecting is based out of Denver, CO, and they strive to separate themselves from the competition by focusing on modernizing cold calling. Their goal is accomplished by zeroing in on what they refer to as a “Human to Human” connection. What sets SuperHuman Prospecting apart from the rest of our best cold calling companies list is that their company focuses on selling an appointment with your company, not the product itself.

Their services are most helpful to real estate agencies interested in having a hands-on approach to business, and they have the resources to handle your increased number of appointments. However, if your goal is to outsource your entire sales process, SuperHuman Prospecting may not be the best choice for you.


Call Box

Founded in 2004, Call Box is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. They are the largest company on our best real estate cold calling companies list and have appointment setting cold callers that connect with potential buyers and sellers in several different lead generation avenues. Call Box began as a cold-calling company and continues to offer these services, fine-tuning their unique process throughout the years.

To guarantee your success, their call center agents do research on your agency and the services you offer, then build a relationship with potential buyers and sellers, and contractors to boost lead generation. Unfortunately, the size and scope of Call Box mean that you cannot be sure who your dedicated team of call center representatives are.


Strategic Calls

Strategic Calls is based out of Rochester, NY, and uses speed to close sales. It’s a clever appointment setting tactic when you consider that usually, real estate businesses that reach out first and show the most promise get the deal. How the process works are their outbound call center uses a proprietary jump-start practice to grow your business’ qualified leads in less than five days.

Strategic Calls expands beyond your company’s online presence to appeal to your target audience. They strive to quickly and effectively place your business at the forefront of a lead’s mind, and from there, pass off the qualified leads to your sales department.



Upcall is a U.S.-based company dedicated to helping you engage and convert the leads for your real estate business. Although they serve multiple industries and offer tools for every stage in the buyer/seller journey, they also boast services for realtors across the country. This organization combines the power of software and cold calls so you can close more deals while reducing overhead costs.

That’s reason enough to earn them a spot on our best cold calling companies list, don’t you agree? A few other services they offer include appointment setting, lead generation, and qualification, and sales outsourcing, all things that help your business generate a higher volume of deals to fill your sales funnel.


Dial America

Dial America stands out from the rest because they’ve been in business for more than 60 years. The New Jersey-based operation is large enough to average 100,000 cold calls per week, and while that’s impressive, they also understand that such a volume can lead to an impersonal feel.

Thankfully, they’ve found a way to continue to have a human touch with each prospect, making them one of the best real estate cold calling companies. In addition to keeping it human, they have a legacy of delivering sky-high customer satisfaction and consistent conversion rates, which is every realtor’s dream.


The Best Cold-Calling Center for You

When done right, cold calling is a successful lead generation practice for your real estate wholesaling business. The key is to use the best cold calling service. When selecting a cold-calling center to represent your business, you must choose a company that establishes a personal connection with leads while artfully pitching your real estate offerings.

We hope that our list of best cold calling companies and their offerings gives you an idea of the deals that await you when you streamline your process. If you’re looking for an American-based real estate cold calling service, look no further than Call Motivated Sellers. Our team of cold-calling experts is at your command, ready to vet your leads and establish relationships that boost trust and conversions.

Interested in working together to grow your business? Contact our team today!



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