Why a Buyer Persona Helps Develop Qualified Leads


Every real estate agent needs to advertise. But if you don’t know who you should be advertising to, you could end up wasting a lot of money. This is where a buyer persona can be beneficial for your business. By defining your target audience, you can learn who you want your ads to speak and market to. With an established collection of buyer personas based on who your key audience is, you can more accurately predict what their needs are. Once you understand their needs, you can learn how to target problems they have or might have later in the buying process. Thus, allowing you to pre-plan a solution and nurture them to a sale.

Buyer or client personas are a crucial part of the client acquisition journey. If you aren’t using them, it could be costing you hundreds of qualified leads.

Read on to discover why buyer personas are so important and how they can help develop qualified leads.



What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional depiction of your target audience. These are mock-ups based on data, research, and interviews from your current and former customers. They help you identify what parts of your marketing strategy create leads and why. This gives you a repeatable formula for lead generation. A buyer persona is a living, flexible marketing tool. It needs to be updated and refined consistently as your client base grows.

Generating potential leads can come with a set of challenges. For example, knowing which sites and social media platforms will effectively reach your prospective clients. Developing qualified leads seems even more challenging when you consider that, according to HubSpot, 79 percent of marketing leads never convert into sales. Thankfully, incorporating client personas can significantly reduce these challenges.

This isn’t a theory. Buyer personas continue to provide success for companies that learn how to use them correctly. According to HubSpot, 71% of companies that exceed their lead generation and revenue goals do so with documented buyer personas. Every major successful company out there uses them to market their material effectively. This includes well-known names like Apple and JetBlue.

By creating a separate marketing strategy for each kind of property buyer, you can directly appeal to each separate client base and their specific needs and concerns.


Forecast Future Problems Between Potential Buyers and Potential Properties

If 79 percent of marketing leads never convert to sales, how we stop this from happening? By knowing why it happens. A well-developed persona will allow you to correctly identify common barriers between you and potential homebuyers or sellers. It will also allow you to prepare for these problems in the future, so you can navigate around them and potentially turn them into qualified leads for your agency.

This is why recent losses make some of the best interviews when creating buyer personas. You can evaluate what went wrong with that potential client and identify any pain points that can be corrected in the future.


Identifies How Buyers Can Be Influenced

You can’t create marketing that appeals to your audience if you don’t know what makes them buy in the first place. Utilizing buyer personas allows you to identify what will sway a customer to move to the next step of the process and which platform might appeal to them most. By understanding your target audience, you can understand and relate to them.


Create Guided and Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies

A well-defined variety of client personas allows you to squeeze every drop of potential out of your advertising budget. They allow you to identify what platforms and mediums drive a homebuyer’s decision-making process, depending on the persona.

For example, if your buyer persona is a 60-year-old veteran looking to invest in a retirement home, you’ll likely be wasting your time on Instagram because your target audience doesn’t spend time there.

With detailed and properly created personas for each of your potential clients, you’ll be able to know what social media platforms to use, when to email them, and what type of content will entertain and draw them in. Personas can also provide you with relevant keywords to use in your marketing strategies as well as hashtags for social media, making your marketing efforts more likely to succeed.


Create Optimized Content

Content that’s created without a client persona in mind can be a waste of your resources. Your goal is to provide content that is useful and enjoyable to your target audience. You can’t succeed in this goal and convert potential homebuyers and sellers if you don’t understand them.

If you consult your buyer personas when building your content, you ensure you are creating meaningful content that builds your client base. Be sure to provide material that your target audience appreciates and finds useful. Not only will it help them see the value in your services, but it can also help you build trust with those clients, which is every real estate business’s goal when building their brand identity.


Deeper Insights into Buyer Patterns

To truly get a customer through the buying process and moved into their new home, we need to dive deep into their psyche. When it comes to complex and lengthy buying or selling processes like those in real estate, understanding a client’s behaviors is exceedingly essential.

A persona is so much more than basic demographics; it is a deep look at why and how your potential customers behave the way they do. What questions will they ask? How can you predict their concerns and offer solutions?

You gain insights into why they use the social media platform they use, how they shop, and their favorite hobbies. You learn their hopes and their dreams and their pet peeves. These deep insights into your prospect’s behavior allow you to target them in a deeply personal manner that makes your marketing strategies that much more effective.



Call Motivated Sellers

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