Do You Need Cold Calling Training to Find Real Estate Leads Over the Phone?


Cold calling is a great way to support your lead generation efforts and attract more qualified leads, but nothing good comes easily. If you’re ready to jump in and transform your real estate business with the personal touch of a telephone interaction, you will need a little cold calling training to ensure success. Cold calling mastery will only come with dedication to your craft. You must learn how to properly begin the call, connect with your prospect, and explain the benefits of your services quickly and thoroughly. 

Of course, there are many ways for cold calling to go wrong. That’s why we recommend acquiring the assistance of cold calling professionals who already have the training and expertise you need. With the help of a cold calling service, you can dedicate more time to establishing your real estate business.

But if you’re still interested in developing your personal cold calling skills, this article will help you get started. Below, we’ve detailed the most common cold calling mistakes and how you can avoid them to entice qualified leads.


Cold Calling Mishaps

The truth is, there’s more to successful cold calling than picking up the phone, dialing a few numbers, and hoping for the best. Effective cold calling requires careful strategy, a polished technique, and the utmost patience. Most people in need of cold calling training make common mistakes, including the following:

Lackluster Introductions

If you want to master cold calling, the first step is mastering your introduction. Making a good first impression is arguably the most crucial cold calling skill. How will you close a sale if leads hang up before you get the opportunity to pitch your offer? During the beginning of an excellent cold call, you should speak with gentle authority. Be careful of coming across as too aggressive or too friendly. In addition, use the word “you” more than you use the word “I.” By doing this, you maintain control of the conversation and direct your attention towards engaging the prospective lead rather than talking about yourself. Make the purpose of your call and the benefits of working with you clear within the first couple of sentences you speak.

Skipping Research

The first place to start for a better cold calling experience is researching your prospective leads. For the best results, you must have a clear understanding of the demographic that you’re targeting. Before you begin a cold call, you should know the lead’s name and age, so you have an idea of the type of properties that they’re most likely to be interested in purchasing. Gather information about your potential clients and know exactly what type of person you’re interested in conducting business with. 

Robotic Script Reading

Once you’re on the phone with a potential lead, the worst thing you could do is slip into a monotone, rigid voice. Although scripts can be helpful, their purpose is to keep the conversation focused on your specific goal. Many inexperienced cold callers are overcome by nervousness and rely too heavily on pre-planned phrasing, making them appear salesy and inauthentic. As a result, the client is less likely to continue with an engaging conversation. When you’re cold calling, keep your tone expressive, enthusiastic, and genuine. And don’t try to shoehorn the script in where it doesn’t fit — listen to your conversation partner and respond to what they’re actually saying.

Losing Focus on Your Goal

When you’re cold calling, it’s easy to give in to distractions. But with every call that you make, you should be clear about your goal. Whether you’re following up with a lead, scheduling a meeting, or providing an exclusive offer, it is of the utmost importance that you stay on topic throughout the call. Many of your prospects are sure to be impatient or strapped for time, so you must get to the point quickly. Furthermore, you can conserve your energy to complete more calls and increase your chances of success by keeping your calls short.

Ignoring Client Objections

It is only natural that some leads will have objections. However, for a successful cold call, you should know how to respond with tact and eloquence. Common objections include clients stating that they don’t have the time for your phone call or don’t require your services. If you make the mistake of continuing your pitch without addressing the client’s concerns, they will take this as a sign of disrespect or pushiness and likely end the call. Pay close attention to your lead’s concerns and provide a thoughtful rebuttal. The trick is to handle the call with the same flow of a natural conversation.


Attract More Qualified Leads with Cold Calling Professionals

It takes time to master the technique that is necessary for effective cold calling. However, many real estate professionals are busy with the other aspects of their business, like researching properties or creating content to assist with lead generation. They simply do not have the availability to learn and employ yet another skill — especially one as time-consuming as cold calling. If this sounds like you, the best investment that you can make to ensure your success is working with a team of experienced cold-calling professionals. 

Our team of cold calling experts at Call Motivated Sellers has already mastered the art of cold calling. We are highly skilled in vetting qualified leads in a way that is so natural, your clients won’t even realize what happened. Throughout the conversation, our cold callers highlight the benefits of your services to potential clients that fit your ideal customer profile.

In addition, our team has a thorough understanding of how to craft an engaging script to reel in qualified leads. Our experts of cold calling masters know exactly how to respond to common rebuttals while detailing all the ways that your company excels against the competition.


Call Motivated Sellers

Achieving cold calling success is not for the faint-hearted. It takes dedication to improve your technique and become a cold calling expert. If you don’t have time to develop your cold calling skills, let our team at Call Motivated Sellers assist you. Our cold calling services are run by experts and provide amazing benefits which ensure you’re getting genuine, qualified leads.

Interested in growing your portfolio? Contact our team to get started!



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