How to Follow Up with New Calling Leads


When working with a team of professional cold callers, obtaining more real estate leads isn’t something you need to worry about. They’ll go through vetting potential leads and developing their interest so that you don’t need to do it yourself. But now that you have swaths of new qualified leads to pursue, how should you follow up to convert your calling leads into sales?

Once potential customers are warmed to your liking, it’s time for you to pull out all the stops and close the deal. Keep in mind that buying or selling a house is one of the most significant decisions many people make in their lifetime. As a real estate agent, you may need to use careful strategy to entice customers.

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How Do Cold Callers Find Qualified Leads?

Finding leads for your real estate business is a delicate process. Effective cold calling requires the utmost tenacity and the ability to build trust with a potential client quickly. The first information cold callers will need to gather is based on your ideal customer persona. For the best results, you’ll need to be as specific as possible so your cold callers can create a powerful script. You will need to answer questions including:

  • What is your ideal customer’s price range?
  • What is your ideal customer’s income?
  • Is your ideal customer buying or selling?
  • What stage of life is your ideal customer at?

Typically, cold callers will find potential leads from your social media page interactions, submitted contact forms on your website, or your email list. From there, cold callers make it their mission to warm up cold leads and send the most likely customers your way. They do this by forming a genuine human connection with their well-practiced conversational skills. All you need to do is follow up and close the deal!


How Real Estate Agents Can Follow Up and Convert Calling Leads

Once cold callers send qualified leads your way, it’s time for you to follow up with potential clients. However, you’ll still need the right strategy to close the deal. Following up with your calling leads quickly and with the right approach is a recipe for success.

Respond in a Timely Manner

When a lead comes in, you’ll want to maintain their interest by responding as soon as possible. Schedule a welcome email or phone call anywhere from 12 hours to 24 hours after receiving information about a qualified lead. Thank them for their time, and seize the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns. If you wait longer than a full day, there’s a chance your client may go elsewhere. Make it a habit to respond to leads at your earliest ability.

Segment Your Leads

In the real estate industry, no two leads are the same. Some leads are ready to close, while others will require a little more effort. For instance, a client who is unsure what features they most value or which area they’re interested in is very different from a lead that already has their eye on a particular type of property. How you respond to your leads will thus depend on where they are in the sales funnel.

To get started, segment your leads into three groups: cold, warm, and qualified leads. Cold leads are people who don’t show any interest in your offers. Although you can make efforts to warm a cold lead, very few take the bait. Warm leads have already engaged with your company by completing a contact form or following your social media account. They have the potential to become qualified leads. Qualified leads are ready to close the deal.

Nurture Your Leads with Useful Content

Before your leads seal the deal, they’ll want to know what you have to offer them. Express the value of your expertise and services by sending them helpful blog posts, testimonials, and infographics. It is highly uncommon for your leads to close on a deal after one interaction, so shift your focus to warming leads with small wins. This might include encouraging them to visit a blog post or like your social media post.

Use Various Communication Channels

Since every lead is a little different, they all have a preferred communication method. However, in the beginning, you won’t know which method works best for each. As you’re getting to know a lead, make yourself available through phone calls, emails, and social media. Of course, you won’t need to use every communication channel that you have. But offering options will allow your leads to reach out however they are most comfortable. Respond in kind by returning phone calls quickly and regularly checking your social media and email. 

Create a Follow-Up Schedule

In a perfect world, it would only take a few points of contact to close a deal. But the truth is, it usually takes 7 to 10 touches for a conversion to occur. Create a follow-up schedule will help you stay organized and maintain consistency with potential clients. Essentially, your communications calendar should ensure that you remain at the forefront of your clients’ minds without becoming a nuisance. For example, you might automate an email campaign once a week, follow up with a phone call once a month, and contact them via social media twice a month.


Call Motivated Sellers

Of course, to follow up with potential clients, you’ll first need a steady supply of warm leads. Set yourself up for success in the real estate business by recruiting a team of experienced cold callers.

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