Highly Effective Marketing Tips to Attract Qualified Leads and Customers


You’ve done some excellent work between the sales and marketing teams to define your ideal customer and the characteristics and attributes that qualify them as a strong lead. Now let’s zero in on the word “attract.”

With marketing trends and technology today, your sales team can start a trend of having qualified customers come to them, making their job much easier. The very top of your sales funnel is brand awareness, and that’s exactly what digital and organic marketing can help you accomplish. Phone books are a thing of the past, so today, we are more creative in our approaches to letting customers know that we exist and that we’re exactly what they need.


Start grooming your search engine optimization (SEO)

The internet really has changed everything, from marketing to how your customers find you. You want prospects to find your company whenever they conduct a Google search for the product or service you provide. Google’s algorithms take into account a large number of factors to determine your site’s popularity and ranking in search results. You can help this process by optimizing your website in a few different ways. The idea is to make your website stand out and boost activity. The first step is to include a concentration of keywords and search phrases on different content pages.

The next thing you want to do is make your website one that people spend time on. Do this by adding compelling content, videos, images, case studies, and even blogs. This information not only helps boost your ranking but also establishes your brand as a trusted source in your industry.


Add a meeting scheduler to your website

Nothing shows committed interest like a prospect that went as far as to schedule an appointment to speak live with someone at your company. Take it another step and add a link to the scheduler on your email signature.


Hire a chatbot on your website for when you’re away

Most people browse websites in their off-time, which is likely your off-time as well. Add a chatbot to your website to assist with simple inquiries or collect contact information for anything it cannot answer. Customers appreciate even a little interaction and this will hold their interest and keep them from clicking away or turning to your competitors.


Leverage social media

Most consumers engage in one or more social media platforms. Where are your customers lurking? It’s time to get active on social media and engage with your target base. Post fun and compelling content to get their attention. Then, point them back to your website to increase traffic (and help your SEO).

The best part about social media is the sharing feature. If someone likes what you posted, they can share it with their network, and your brand starts traveling across the country or the world. That’s the potential power you can harness!

No matter where your prospects are engaging, make sure you have a professional-looking LinkedIn profile, as this is where professionals network. Candidates may see you on Facebook and look you up on LinkedIn for references. LinkedIn also gives you a chance to connect with old colleagues that can also help spread the word of your brand.


Start an email subscription list

Another detail to include on your website is a method of collecting email addresses, whether this is with a pop-up, a sidebar, or even a dedicated page. Email is one of the oldest digital email marketing methods but also one of the most effective. In a recent study, 61% have purchased a product or service because of an email they received, and 91% read their emails daily. That’s a lot of opportunities! Use email for special promotions, news, and a method to lead readers to your blog (boosting your SEO). You can also provide links to your social media accounts in the footer of the email to gain more activity.


The best referrals come from happy customers

Circle back to your best customers on occasion to ask for new leads. With their keen insight into your company, they can identify colleagues in their field that would benefit from your services or products, and provide an excellent reference for you on top of it all.


Take advantage of networking events

You can skip many steps of the sales funnel with the power of a face-to-face conversation. Your fellow attendees are all there for the same reason and expect this type of interaction, but this is a relaxed atmosphere without the hanging pressure to make a sale today. Bring business cards and have LinkedIn up on your smartphone, ready to add new contacts. If you feel a little awkward, just hand them your phone with LinkedIn already up and ask them to find themselves and connect. Talk about casual!


Revisit old flames

We’re talking about those sales that almost happened but didn’t. Perhaps you made a good connection, but the timing wasn’t quite right. These contacts are warmer than the brand new leads, especially if you had a good rapport going.

Today is a new day! Try to reach out to these prospects every six months. Keep them involved by sharing blog articles and other interesting information. That way, you are ready when their goals or budget takes on a shift in your favor.

Again, keep that contact on LinkedIn. If they ever change companies with new goals and budgets, keeping in touch with you could promote a call when they need your kind of product or service.


Call Motivated Sellers

Marketing comes in many flavors, but the power of a good conversation can make all of the difference. A great sales professional can tailor a conversation to suit your prospect and gain critical information that other marketing tactics can’t. Phone sales can also take an initial lead gained from other marketing tools and complete assessment of a prospect’s qualification.

You want to keep your sales team out there “selling,” so contact us to get started, and we will line up those qualified leads to keep them busy and closing. Share those ideal customer details with us, and we can take the cold-calling delegation off of your hands. We’ll take care of the hiring and training of a phone sales professional and provide them to you to seek out those qualified leads for your team.