3 Tips to Get Ready for a Booming Spring Real Estate Market


In wintertime, the real estate market in many areas tends to slip into hibernation. While cold winds blow, buyers and sellers alike prefer to stay cozy in their current homes and wait for better moving weather. But in spring, the market bounces back with plenty of renewed interest. Marking the beginning of the hot sales season, spring is the perfect time to capitalize on buyer enthusiasm and breathe new life into your real estate business. So, how can you make the most of a booming spring real estate market? Here are three ways to get ready and experience a more profitable spring.

1. Evaluate Your Staffing and Capacity

As winter melts into glorious spring, prepare for an upswing of interested clients. Sounds like good news, right? Of course, more buyers mean more opportunities. But a significant increase in client volume can also push your business to its limits. So before the spring real estate rush arrives, it’s in your best interest to evaluate your staffing needs and client capacity with a keen eye.

Consider whether it might be prudent to hire additional staff, form partnerships with other local realtors, recruit an intern, or support your sales team with the help of professional cold callers.

When your sales staff are overworked, it’s all too easy for important client communications to fall through the cracks while potential leads languish on the backburner. Partnering with a team of cold callers can ease this burden, taking on the work of lead vetting and outreach so your sales staff can turn their attention to other crucial tasks. Plus, cold callers specialize in identifying and warming up the most promising clients for your business. In short, outsourcing your lead generation to expert cold callers is a win-win!

2. Update Your Portfolio Listings and Home Staging

Everyone loves the fresh feeling after a good spring cleaning, and even real estate agents can use this opportunity to liven up their portfolios. Business may have slowed down during winter, but now it’s time to zhuzh up your listings and make sure you’re displaying your properties in the very best light.

First, edit your listings to ensure they’re up to date, thorough, and flattering. This is your chance to not only update the current asking price but to look for new ways to sell the home. Add any details or features that weren’t highlighted in the original listing, which you may have noticed during previous showings. If any work or improvements have been done on the property, make a note. And update any photos that were less than spectacular the first time around — especially if outside shots were taken during the drab winter months. Now that the weather is brighter and plants are beginning to bloom, consider scheduling a new photoshoot to show the property off in all its glory.

This is also a good chance to touch up your home staging. While your winter home staging may have featured holiday wreaths, cozy throw blankets, and warm, spiced scents, consider tweaking these for a lighter, more spring-appropriate theme. Replace those evergreen arrangements with spring flowers like daffodils or hyacinths and put out a diffuser with a fresh floral scent like lavender or cotton. These small touches will make each home seem extra inviting to potential buyers in the spring real estate market.

3. Get Your Name Out There

Did your marketing and lead generation efforts slow down over the winter? Then it’s time to jump back in with both feet.

As potential spring buyers begin turning their attention to real estate, make sure your agency is first on their mind with renewed marketing and outreach. These tactics can range from local print media to digital marketing or a mix of the two. When creating your marketing strategy and budget, think about your target demographic and what would appeal to their interests.

Is your area a haven for retirees? Traditional marketing may appeal more to an older audience. Consider the following promotions:

  • Billboards
  • Ads and features in local newspapers or magazines
  • Sponsoring nearby events, fundraisers, or sports teams
  • Joining small business associations or other civic groups

On the other hand, if your portfolio is heavy with properties that would appeal to first-time homebuyers, you may get better traction with modern, digital marketing channels that reach younger audiences. Consider including these in your marketing strategy:

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • SMS messaging

If your demographic includes a wide range of age groups, mix and match your print and digital efforts for a comprehensive marketing strategy that will reach various potential clients. There’s also one more lead generation tactic that delivers across all audiences: cold calling. 

Cold calling may seem like a throwback, but it’s a classic for a reason — it delivers results. Cold calling allows your real estate business to maintain a human touch, building real trust and connections with potential clients. And with the expert tactics employed by professional cold callers, you can gain invaluable insights, identifying which leads are the most promising and learning how to best meet their real estate needs.

Master the Spring Real Estate Market with Call Motivated Sellers

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