What Second-Time Homebuyers Are Really Looking for


Realtors know that working with a first-time homebuyer is a chance to provide expert guidance as their clients embark on a new life adventure. These new buyers have both hands full with hopes, concerns, and most of all, questions. But what about second-time homebuyers?

Second-time buyers have been around the block and are coming to their search for a house with different needs, priorities, and, yes, new questions. So how can real estate agents deliver the best possible service for these clients? First and foremost, realtors must understand what second-time homebuyers are looking for this time around.

A Longer List of “Essential” Amenities and Finishes

Naturally, each client has different ideas or preferences to meet the unique needs of their household. One buyer may need a rural, ranch-style home to accommodate a resident who can’t traverse stairs, while another may be dreaming of a sky-high, downtown penthouse on the 20th floor. There’s no way to know for sure until you or your team of cold callers have the chance to connect with individual buyers and find out what matters most to them.

However, certain priorities consistently rank high across the board, appealing to a variety of buyers. So when you’re pitching a home to second-time buyers, you’ll want to start by first addressing these mass-appeal basics.

Features valued by both first-time and second-time buyers:

  • Laundry room
  • Living room
  • Walk-in closet in the master bedroom
  • 2-car garage with storage
  • Kitchen double sink
  • Shower and tub in the master bath
  • Dining room

These features are a good starting point for any buyer. But second-time buyers tend to be a little more discerning, with more must-haves for their dream property. Specifically, we can see some trends where the priorities of second-time homebuyers differ from their first-time counterparts. Chalk it up to being older, wiser, and more in tune with their own requirements for a satisfying home life, but second-time buyers typically come to their house search with a longer list of “essential” amenities and features.

Additional features considered essential by second-time homebuyers:

  • Patio
  • Table space for eating in the kitchen
  • Hardwood floors on the main level
  • Energy-Star appliances
  • Granite kitchen countertops

Having been to the real estate rodeo before, we can see that second-time buyers have moved beyond the basic footprint of the property to value efficiency and quality of life in the home. So to identify houses that are more likely to appeal to a second-time homebuyer, keep an eye out for extra benefits and flourishes like these that will really help you close the sale.

Moving Date Flexibility

Clients seeking their first home usually aren’t as particular about the timing of their purchase. They are often living with family or renting a property where they can set their moving date with relative ease. But when it comes to second-time homebuyers, the timeline can get a little more complicated.

Having already bought a house in the past, second-time buyers are usually selling their current home as a part of their move. This can create a stressful transition period as clients must be out of one house potentially before the next one is available. While hotels and Airbnbs are always an option, they can also be costly and inconvenient. Plus, they don’t provide space to store a whole house’s worth of furniture and personal belongings, necessitating separate storage in the interim between houses. With all this in mind, second-time buyers look very favorably on sellers who are able to provide moving date flexibility.

Exceptional Customer Service

With experience on their side, many second-time homebuyers tend to be more informed and decisive about which properties meet their expectations. So when it comes to choosing a realtor, they aren’t seeking an introductory guide to the local real estate market — they’re looking for a detail-oriented partner who can help tackle the workload of finding their perfect home. With knowledgeable buyers, it’s more important than ever to acquit yourself with confidence, efficiency, and responsiveness.

Consider this: a second-time homebuyer working with your agency falls into one of two categories:

  • The Repeat Customer: Fantastic! Clearly, the first time you helped this client, you made a good impression. They are returning to you for more assistance on their second home search. To maintain their goodwill and keep these clients as an important part of your network, strive to deliver even better service than before. That way, they’ll walk away not just satisfied with their new home but singing your praises to other potential buyers.
  • The New Customer: When a second-time homebuyer comes to you as a new client, it may be because they are new to the area, or it may be because they weren’t happy with their original realtor. Either way, the pressure is on your team to outperform their last real estate experience and ensure that they receive customer service that rivals the very best.

Second-time homebuyers have more demands, tighter timelines, and a better understanding of your role as their real estate agent. To handle these cases with finesse, keep in mind the importance of listening to your clients’ needs, maintaining timely and regular communications, and not trying to push them into a hard sell. Be their ally in the transition to a new home, and second-time homebuyers will gladly partner with you for their real estate needs.

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