What Is Cold Calling?


We all know that making successful sales is a numbers game. This means that the odds of closing another deal increase with every potential client you contact. Once you’ve established your target demographic, you must put in the work to fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads, but tools like social media or paid advertising can only get you so far. In modern times, people are missing out on the profound human connection that cold calling offers. When potential clients have spoken with a real person, it allows experienced cold callers to inspire trust and respond to common rebuttals in real-time.

Cold calling isn’t outdated; it’s more necessary than ever before. But what is cold calling, and how you can use it to your advantage? Read on to become a cold-calling expert.


What Is a Cold Call?

If you aren’t familiar with the term “cold calling,” it’s what occurs when a sales representative reaches out to a lead who has never interacted with the company or cold caller before. While the lead may have provided their phone number at a company event or provided it upon signing up for an email list, they certainly weren’t expecting a sales call. During the phone call, professional cold callers connect with each lead, follow up on interaction, or pitch an offering.

Many people have a misunderstanding of the term “cold calling.” They are led to think that cold callers are sales representatives who are randomly dialing numbers. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A cold call is when representatives contact leads and reach out to potential clients who fit within a specified demographic.

Generally, when a cold caller speaks to a lead, they only have information like their name or the company at which they work. This can make it challenging for the sales representative to earn a lead’s trust, which is why you must work with a team of experienced cold callers. Companies typically work with cold callers when they need to boost their sales.


How Cold Calling Works

Cold calling is only one step of the entire sales process that often occurs after the sales team has exhausted other leads. However, cold calling requires a highly specialized skill set. A salesperson may be excellent at cold calling, but that does not mean they possess the qualities necessary to become a successful cold caller. 

The ultimate goal of a cold call isn’t necessary to close a deal quickly. Cold calling professionals have mastered the art of cultivating trust and sparking the interest of a potential client. They know how to breathe life into a script so as not to sound robotic while maintaining a natural conversation with the lead. As cold callers speak with the lead, they’ll inform the candidate about the ample benefits of working with your company. As a colder caller gains confidence and experience, this process becomes relatively simple. The candidates that cold callers work with fall into categories, including cold, warm, and qualified leads.

Cold Leads

Essentially, cold callers begin the sales process through interactions with “cold leads.” These are leads who have had little or no contact with your business before. Professional cold callers will assess your business’s target demographic, which you may choose based on your location, preferred age group, or business sector. They’ll begin calling with the information they have on hand and strike a connection with cold leads to transform these prospects into qualified leads.

Warm Leads

After cold leads, there are “warm leads.” Warm leads are potential customers who have expressed interest in your company’s offering before, whether it be through the contact information they’ve provided in the past or social media. Enticing a warm lead typically requires the assistance of a sales team, who are well versed in closing deals. With the knowledge and expertise, cold callers can turn warm leads into qualified leads.

Qualified Leads

The primary objective of the entire sales process is to connect your business with as many qualified leads as possible. Qualified leads are ready to make a purchase and are in the process of deciding which company best suits their needs. A team of experienced cold callers will join forces with your sales and marketing team the moment they come in contact with a qualified lead. Once the hard work is complete, your sales team will seal the deal.


What Can Cold Calling Do For You?

Cold calling isn’t something that the average person can adequately perform—becoming a successful cold caller requires preparation, practice, and the right personality. An effective cold caller is someone who is a gifted speaker and has a tenacity for making sales. Professional cold callers will create a script from information provided by a company, along with highly-detailed buyer personas. Ideally, the script will include how your business helps the lead, the benefits of doing business with you, and clever responses to the most common rebuttals.

When you have a team of trained professional callers by your side, it allows you to expand your customer base like never before. Unlike social media or paid advertising, a person-to-person phone call will enable you to form the human connection that establishes trust and builds your business’s reputation. The best part is that cold callers are doing the hard work of vetting potential customers, giving you time to focus on more critical aspects of your business. Leave cold calling to the professionals, and save precious time, so that you can focus on marketing, closing deals, and establishing a solid foundation for your business to remain successful for years to come.


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