How to Convert Web Traffic into Qualified Leads


Converting web traffic into qualified leads can be a stressful yet rewarding experience in the real estate business. It’s like the ultimate game of strategy. You dedicate countless hours using different tactics to garner web traffic. You create blogs, add a call to action, pop-ups, the like, only for your conversion rate to be less than desirable. The hard part is, simply generating views doesn’t translate to actual leads, as much as we want them to.

While there’s no magic formula to earn you more traffic resulting in qualified leads, we have a few tips and tweaks that are sure to increase your impact and chances.



Make It Easy for Your Customers

Several factors go into making the experience easy for your leads. The first is making sure your website is up to speed — literally. Page speed matters to Google and your leads. If your site or pages load slowly, it decreases your search engine optimization (SEO) and hinders your conversion rates. It also creates a negative experience for your leads, and that sticks with them. Consumers are used to sites loading in two seconds or less, and anything over that makes them abandon ship and often never return, thus tanking your conversion rate.


Take Advantage of Analytics

You may not know it, but your website can tell you everything you need to know about your website. You need to know where to look. You can use your website data to learn the many different ways your audience finds you and what they do while on your site. Tools like Google Analytics are also helpful because they can provide you with valuable insight into your web traffic and sales, such as which pages they visited during their session. Knowing this information can influence the kind of content you post on your site and the approach you take with your leads that you’re hoping to qualify. For a further understanding of your audience, we recommend enlisting the help of a website visitor tracker.


Have a Great Website Design

Your website is your digital business card, so it must make a great impression on potential leads. When they visit your site, their first impression can either make or break a deal. The perfect website not only reflects the hopeful, happy, and positive feelings your lead feels when they begin their buying or selling journey, but it also instills confidence that you’re the right agent for the deal.

In addition to a great website, ensure that it’s also optimized for mobile. Approximately 72 percent of homebuyers use their mobile devices to search for a home, and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to convert web traffic into a qualified lead because of a site that renders poorly.


Local SEO

According to the National Association of Realtors, 95 percent of real estate buyers use the internet at some point during their buying process. One of the best ways to convert web traffic into qualified leads is to make yourself available to potential leads through local SEO. When people are searching for real estate agents in their area, where your website ranks in search engines like Google matter. When you optimize your site and Google My Business page using tips like adding specific keywords in your blog posts or using the right header sizes, you increase your chances of being one of the top results to populate in their search. This generates more traffic to your site, which results in more inquiries, phone calls, and more qualified leads.


Create Awesome Content

Creating content, especially blogs, is a crucial part of converting web traffic in the real estate industry. It’s a proven strategy for generating traffic, leads, and building relationships. When you provide quality content on your site, it keeps you at the forefront of your reader’s mind. They’ll start to view you as an authority on all things dealing with the real estate market. And with that comes trust and the likelihood that when they’re ready to purchase, they’ll be knocking on your metaphorical door.

Another piece of content that gets overlooked is the power of humanizing a person. Be sure to incorporate photos of yourself and share interesting details or favorite hobbies in your “about me” page. While readers browse your site, they can develop a connection with you before they ever meet you. Not only are they more likely to sign up for more information, they’ll also already start to feel that they trust you by the time you have your first chat.


Use a Chatbot

In the digital age, artificial intelligence is your best friend when it comes to lead generation. As a real estate agent, you often work more than one job, so you’re not always able to catch every inquiry that passes through your site. This is where implementing a chatbot comes in. You can set up a chatbot on your home or blog pages for easy access when they have questions. It can put them in direct contact with someone on your team. If you’re riding solo, try programming the bot to answer FAQs and direct them to more blogs on specific topics they’re interested in.

As they journey down the rabbit hole of content on your site, they’ll have no choice but to become a qualified lead. Another way to use a chatbot to convert web traffic is to use it to alert you when there are new visitors to your site. If they submit a question and you’re around to answer, do so quickly and often, since you’re more likely to convert the fresh lead while they’re on the site, versus waiting for them to reach out to you.


Have a Clear and Visible Call to Action

No customer should have to go hunting for a way to sign up for newsletters or the chance to chat with you. One way to convert web traffic is to make sure your call to action buttons are visible. In addition to having a CTA at the end of your blog, try adding one above the fold. It’s the sweet spot on a page before the reader needs to scroll. This not only breaks up your text but also allows you to capture the reader’s attention while they’re in the flow of reading your post. This is the best time to ask a potential lead for a favor. They’re on cloud nine, enjoying your content or learning about the services your company offers, and you don’t want to let them slip away without signing up for more.



Call Motivated Sellers

Converting web traffic into a qualified lead is a strategic game that’s not for the faint of heart. But the question is, once the leads start rolling in, how do you vet them? That’s where our services come into play. At Call Motivated Sellers, our team of cold calling experts can help streamline your process by calling those leads for you and providing you with qualified leads.

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