Using Lead Classification to Work Smarter and Close Deals


While it may seem easier to call every lead on your list blindly, the sales process can be much more straightforward — and much more rewarding —when you take the time to classify each lead based on their level of interest. 68% of businesses struggle with lead generation, so it’s important that you get the most out of each potential contact. Fortunately, lead classification can help!

Keeping your leads organized allows you to work more efficiently and close a larger number of deals. When you understand the group each lead belongs to, you can approach them in a way that garners your desired response. As a result, you will save time and resources rather than wasting precious time on your weakest leads or attempting to figure out which type of client you are engaging with.

Each lead is a unique individual and will require a specific approach to increase your chances of closing a deal. Fortunately, there are also ways to supply yourself with more qualified leads to work with. The process of warming a lead can be time-consuming, but with the assistance of professional cold callers, you can spend less time on lead generation and more time closing sales.

Once you have your list of leads, including those from your cold calling team and any you’ve gathered through other channels, lead classification will help you develop your plan of action. To get you started, let’s discuss the different types of leads, methods to approach them, and which leads you should prioritize.

How Should You Classify Your Real Estate Leads?

Cold Leads

When you begin the cold calling process, the first leads you will encounter are cold leads. Essentially, cold leads are potential customers who have no history of contact with your company, so evidence of their interest hasn’t been established. To get the ball rolling, professional cold callers will develop a pre-defined demographic that will allow them to identify people who may be interested in your real estate business. You can choose to segment potential candidates however you see fit. The most common demographics use information related to the candidate’s geographic location, business type, or interests. 

Although cold leads haven’t expressed interest in your company yet, they still provide the opportunity to lay some groundwork. When speaking to a cold lead, focus on building the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. If they’re not interested in your real estate business, make it clear that they can come to you as a resource at any time. After all, their situation may be different down the road.

When reaching out to a cold lead for the first time, it is also helpful to personalize your messages and cold calling script to cultivate feelings of trust and authenticity.

If you’re not interested in cold calling yourself, you always have the option to hire a team of professional cold callers to get the job done. Experienced cold callers will address any concerns that potential leads may have while explaining your company’s benefits. Then, when the lead is ready to buy, cold callers will turn the lead over to your sales team so that they can seal the deal.

Warm Leads

When a lead expresses interest, we refer to them as a “warm lead.” A warm lead may have followed your company on social media, filled out a contact form, or signed up for a newsletter. In other cases, one of your current customers may have referred the lead to your company. Compared to cold leads, warm leads provide an increased likelihood of success for your business’ closers.

But first, they’ll need a last bit of persuasion. Since warm leads are still unsure about whether or not they’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll need to convince them that your company is the best option to meet their needs. When warm leads appear skeptical or hesitant about your offering, share customer success stories that showcase the scope of your company’s work. It can also be beneficial to present a limited-time offer that will engender a sense of urgency and inspire the prospect to act quickly.

Hot Leads / Qualified Leads

Hot leads, which are also referred to as qualified leads, are top-priority customers who have expressed a high level of interest in your real estate business. Qualified leads are eager to buy, and they have the financial resources to complete a purchase. However, qualified leads are still in the process of deciding which company they should complete a transaction with or which property to commit to. When speaking with qualified leads, make it clear that your company and specific offering can fulfill their needs and solve their problems.

Generate More Qualified Leads with Professional Cold Callers

If you’re struggling to prospect and classify leads, you’re not alone. Over 40% of salespeople struggle with prospecting leads more than any other task, especially in the realm of cold calling. It takes consistent time and effort to successfully complete the cold calling process, but many businesses do not have the resources to efficiently carry out each phase of lead generation and nurturing.

If this is an issue that your real estate business struggles with, consider outsourcing these tasks to a team of professional cold callers so your employees can focus on more pressing tasks.

At Call Motivated Sellers, we work with you to get a clear understanding of your real estate business and the kind of clients you wish to attract. Our professional cold callers create a script that is tailored to attract your dream clients while promoting your company’s most attractive selling points. Our team of dedicated, experienced cold callers has the tenacity for sales and persistence that will drive revenue and increase your real estate’s conversion rate.

Call Motivated Sellers

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Our team can raise your sales and provide new qualified leads during both the busy and slow months. We are an American-based real estate cold calling service, complete with a highly skilled sales staff. Leave the hard work of vetting your leads to us so that you can focus on closing deals and increasing profits. By partnering with Call Motivated Sellers, you can augment your other marketing efforts and expand your reach without losing that human touch.

With a steady supply of warm leads from Call Motivated Sellers, your team has the flexibility to prioritize your leads based on their classification, so you are always on the trail of your hottest prospects. It’s the perfect pipeline to keep your business in steady growth. And getting started is easy — to begin boosting your supply of sales leads, just contact our team today!



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