How to Bring Cold Leads Back to Life


When it appears that your leads have gone cold, don’t despair! There is still hope to revive cold leads and turn them into potential sales. Although it may seem like it’s better to search for new prospects, consider that lead acquisition can be more costly than reconnecting with a familiar client.

However, you’ll need to use the right tactics to yield your desired results. To entice a reluctant lead, ensure that you understand what they want and reconnect in a way that is likely to appeal to them. And if you’re interested in lessening your workload while accruing a steady stream of qualified leads, work with professional cold callers to save time and streamline your lead acquisition process.

In the meantime, let’s discuss resources that you can use to bring cold leads back to life and increase your number of sales opportunities.

What to Do When You Lose Touch with a Lead

1. Research and Personalize

If it appears that a lead has lost interest, generic emails and excessive voicemails are unlikely to work in your favor. Consider taking a more personal approach, and invest the time to learn more about your prospect. For example, it may help to send them a survey that will enable you to garner more information about their life. Perhaps the client is interested in working with you, but they have other commitments that prevent them from following through with the deal right now. If you’re on the phone with the lead that seemed promising but appears to have gone cold, ask questions that allow you to gain insight into their reasons for rejecting your offer and address their concerns.

2. Think Outside the Box

When a lead is stubborn, you may need to use more than traditional phone calls or email to win them over. Every now and then, you’ll need to put in a little extra effort to spark their interest. The manner in which you choose to do this is dependent on the lead. For instance, if the lead is part of an older demographic, sending them a creative card via snail mail may benefit you. The goal here is to do something out of the ordinary to grab their attention and clarify that you’re interested and dedicated to working with them.

3. Offer an Incentive 

The truth is, everyone loves free merchandise. Offering a cost-free incentive is a great way to catch a lead’s attention. One of the best incentives to offer a hesitant lead is free educational content as a real estate professional. With the help of CRM software, you can determine what kind of educational resources may entice a particular lead, then consider sending the lead a webinar or a free ebook pertaining to their area of interest. For instance, first-time homebuyers may be interested in information about financing their first home, while content related to real estate investing might be better for more established clients.

4. Leverage CRM and Automation Tools

Although some people choose to use manual lead management tools like Excel spreadsheets, these methods are only suitable for a short period of time. As your business grows, these methods will be inefficient, and it will become impossible to keep the necessary information organized. Storing important information, dates, and contact times in an intuitive platform will simplify tracking the amount of time spent with each lead. For instance, if a lead doesn’t appear interested in your offering, you can use CRM software to remind yourself to reach out to them at a later date. You also have the option to create automated follow-ups, which will increase your chances of re-engaging a cold lead.

5. Use Social Media

When a lead is unresponsive over the phone, consider using social media to keep your company on their mind. Take a look at the demographics of your old leads to discern which platform is the ideal choice to reconnect. For example, millennials may prefer that you reach out to them using Instagram or LinkedIn. If the lead is from an older generation, they will be more likely to respond to a Facebook message. Whether you’re sending them a direct message or tagging them in a post, consider the type of media that they want to see and create content that will spark their interest.

Generate More Qualified Leads with Call Motivated Sellers

When it comes to cold calling, you may reach a point where you need to pull out all the stops to close a deal. If you’re struggling to convert your leads into paying clients, consider working with professional cold callers who have developed the skills necessary to help you increase your conversion rate and drive revenue for your real estate business.  

As you begin working with professional cold callers, they will gather information regarding your real estate business and create an ideal customer profile. From there, they will craft a script that touches on the most important selling points and services that your company has to offer. When a lead appears interested, Call Motivated Sellers will send qualified leads to your sales team so that they can close the deal.

Call Motivated Sellers

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