Reasons You’re Not Getting Qualified Leads from Social Media


Using social media as a lead generation tool is a favorite practice of real estate agents nationwide. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reports that 47 percent of its members list social media as the best source for generating high-quality leads. If you’re a realtor who believes that this statistic doesn’t apply to your experiences, there may be a reason why you’re not getting qualified leads from social media.

There’s no secret recipe for getting social media to be a handy tool for finding some of your best deals, but we can guarantee that success is found in revising your process. Below, we dive into a few reasons why social media isn’t pulling in the leads you want.



You Haven’t Defined Your Audience

We get it, social media is a buffet of different kinds of potential leads, and you want to appeal to them all. Unfortunately, it’s also the reason why you’re not getting qualified leads from social media. If you spend too much time trying to reach everyone with your efforts, you’re more likely to draw back an empty net. The first step in defining your audience is to take a look at Google and social media analytics. The data they provide can show you where your homebuyer audience is hiding and inform you to create a buyer persona to tailor your social media marketing strategy. Here are a few places to check:


Twitter: With Twitter’s analytics, you can measure impressions versus engagements and analyze the posts that get the most attention. This allows you to get an in-depth understanding of what kind of posts and content grab your leads and followers.

Google Analytics: This favorite data tool can show you which channels drive the most traffic and where they’re coming from. So, if social media is ranked lower than other channels, chances are you might not be appealing to the right crowd.

LinkedIn: Here, you can gain insight with rich analytics that gauge trends over time. With update analytics, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your posts. With follower and visitor analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your demographics and the source of your audience.


You Don’t Integrate Email Marketing

One of the best ways to boost your social media marketing is to combine it with email marketing. The two marketing channels complement each other well, especially in real estate. If you’re not getting leads through social media, this could be a contributing reason why. When used together, they’re a dynamic duo for promoting content, generating leads, sharing information, and ensuring your leads get a well-rounded experience as you nurture them.

Promote your social media sites and tease photos and virtual walkthroughs of your listings in your email marketing newsletters. And be sure to include hyperlinks and call to action buttons to boost traffic to your business page. On the opposite end, you can also share links to opt-in forms to encourage your social media followers to join your email list. You can even go as far as incentivizing their sign-ups with first access to new postings.


**quote graphic of social media and email marketing statistic.



You’re Not Where Your Audience Is

It is essential to know your target audience like the back of your hand. One way you can learn about your potential homebuyers is to make sure you’re hanging out where they are. If your audience is big on Facebook, then being active and posting all of your content on LinkedIn won’t always reach them. Your time and efforts are sure to get wasted. This is the reason you’re not getting leads through social media.

Instead of blindly guessing which site your qualified leads call home, try researching to learn which sites they frequent most. Arming yourself with knowledge is a stepping stone toward successful lead generation. If you know what they then you can supply them with everything they need.


You’re Inconsistent with Your Content

Consistency is key. This rings true for every kind of relationship, but especially in your relationships with potential leads on social media. Leads follow you because you post relevant content, and they like your personality. However, if you hope to one day convert them into a sale or bring you business through recommendations, you have to stay consistent in your posting.

Doing so enables you to stay at the forefront of their mind and keep them engaged until the right moment. You can’t accomplish that if you’re only posting once every few weeks. Although every social media platform is different, a good rule of thumb is to post once a week. Your posts should feature a combination of original content (i.e., your thoughts, industry insights, and new listings) and shared content (comics, blogs, news releases) that you feel are relevant or align with your views.


You Don’t Join Conversations

When you have lead generation on the brain, sometimes you forget about the social part of social media. Social media’s primary purpose is to converse and network with friends, family, and like-minded people, which can be an indirect qualified lead generation tool. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting leads through social media, a reason could be that you don’t have a presence on the platform. And we don’t mean having a Facebook business page.

We highly recommend joining social media groups on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Ideal groups to join are local neighborhood or city groups, and real estate industry groups or ones tailored to your niche. Check out the questions and concerns that other members share and get busy making yourself known— in the right way. Be active and have a helpful voice that offers excellent insight, recommendations, and shares fun or relevant content. Local members will start to recognize your name and trust you to the point where you’re the one they turn to when they’re ready to pull the trigger.


**Infographic on various groups to join.



Call Motivated Sellers

Getting qualified leads through social media is one of the newer and most impactful marketing tools for businesses in all industries, including real estate. However, it can be challenging to master social media. We hope that our reasons will keep you on the path to success and bring many conversions. After garnering leads, the next step is to qualify them, and Call Motivated Sellers can help. Our team of cold calling experts can verify your list, producing the most qualified leads who are ready to buy.


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