Harnessing the Art of Cold Calling for Your Real Estate Needs


While your competitors are bombarding potential clients with impersonal emails, social media posts, and advertisements, stand out by creating a human connection through the art of cold calling. Professional cold callers go directly to the source by welcoming potential clients with a warm, personalized phone call. Marketing techniques may advance and digitize, but there is no substitute for time-tested cold calling.

Professional cold callers have a gift for creating a natural conversation with prospects while explaining the benefits of your real estate business and assuaging objections. However, most people do not have the skill, knowledge, drive, or resources to become successful in the art of cold calling. Fortunately, even if your team doesn’t have time to master the art of cold calling, you can work with a team of professional real estate cold callers who will get the job done efficiently.

Read on to learn more about what separates sub-par phone marketers from experienced cold callers who can increase your real estate business’ cold conversion rate and revenue.

What Makes a Successful Cold Caller

Successful cold callers possess certain traits that set them apart from the rest. To begin with, the most effective cold callers are able to convince qualified leads that your business offer is able to meet the buyer’s needs. Experienced and talented cold callers understand how to create an engaging conversation with prospects, understand the buyer’s needs, and communicate the value of your business in a short period of time. The best cold callers are able to speak in terms of value.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, top cold callers keep up with industry trends and study their craft. Often, they will perform pre-prospecting to better understand the client. Due to this, they are always ready for a business-to-business call and are able to uncover information that allows them to eliminate unsuitable leads before your precious time is wasted. They pay close attention to the most common objections and prepare adequate responses, remaining in control of the conversation by asking questions.

Most importantly, the most effective cold callers bring life to their script. Rather than reading mechanically, they improvise and alter the script as needed so that the prospect responds favorably. As experienced cold callers work with your ideal customer profile, they will be capable of doing this intuitively, which cannot be taught. 

Why DIY Cold Calling Isn’t for Everyone

Without a doubt, cold calling is the most effective way to expand your real estate business sphere of influence and get in touch with new clients. People that have tenacity for sales and are willing to put in the effort to become masters of their craft will increase their revenue exponentially. However, not everyone is well-suited to become a professional cold caller.

Although cold calling has the potential to be lucrative, it is a labor-intensive line of work. The average person would rather direct their efforts towards sales methods that are more impersonal, like social media or email marketing. Furthermore, many people do not have the skill required to create a natural, engaging conversation with a potential buyer that they have never spoken to before. 

Effective cold calling requires a highly specialized skill set. But most real estate businesses simply lack the resources or time to properly train cold callers, rightfully focused more on local networking, property viewings, and other day-to-day business. However, when cold callers are without expertise, real estate businesses pay for this in lost clients and revenue.

Lastly, the vast majority of people do not have the resilience that is inherent within the best cold callers. The average person lives in the fear of rejection but professional cold callers have the tenacity to overcome this fear. Professional cold callers understand that rejection is simply a part of cold calling and each new interaction will only point them in the direction of more qualified leads.

Working with Professional Cold Callers

If you’re not comfortable starting a cold call with a stranger, consider working with a team of professional cold callers that are eager to screen buyers for you and send qualified leads your way. Using your ideal customer profile, they develop a strategy to identify qualified leads. Throughout the process, they will ensure that your clients feel engaged as they explain about your products or services and ask qualifying questions to determine potential interest. If a client is responsive, your cold callers will then send contact information to the sales team, opening doors for you to step through and close the deal.

Professional cold callers have mastered the art of creating a natural conversation while explaining the benefits of your real estate business. The cold calling process will begin with a script that includes your benefits and how your agency stands out amongst competitors, along with clever responses to the most common rebuttals. As cold callers gain a better understanding of your ideal customer profile, they will intuitively know the best way to entice potential buyers.

At Call Motivated Sellers, our cold callers are eager to meet the challenges that come with cold calling. They view every phone call as an opportunity to win over the client and expand your brand’s real estate reach. Cold calling isn’t for everyone, so why not leave it to the experts? Allow your sales team to focus on other projects, while our dedicated cold callers send qualified leads your way.

Call Motivated Sellers

Are you ready to take your real estate business to new heights? Now that you have a solid understanding of cold calling and its benefits, Call Motivated Sellers can help you get started.

Call Motivated Sellers can raise your sales to unprecedented heights during both the busy and slow months. We are an American-based real estate cold calling service, complete with a highly skilled sales staff. Leave the hard work of vetting your leads to us so that you can focus on closing deals and increasing profits. By partnering with Call Motivated Sellers, you can outsource your cold calling, augment your online efforts and expand your reach without losing that human touch.

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