What Makes a Great Cold Caller?


The thought of cold calling often strikes fear into less experienced sales professionals. After all, it takes a significant amount of practice and patience to feel comfortable selling services to strangers over the phone.

When it comes to real estate, every aspiring cold caller must possess the traits necessary to succeed in a cutthroat industry — but only some are naturally suited to the task. The best cold callers can maintain a level head and professional demeanor, even in the face of back-to-back rejections. Plus, they must quickly understand what a potential client is looking for and encourage them to open up, requiring the gift of gab and the ability to sustain a conversation.

So, what does all this mean for your real estate business? Whether you’re interested in perfecting your cold calling skills, or learning which traits to look for when hiring a team of professional cold callers, we’ve got you covered. Let’s discuss the most vital characteristics of an exceptional cold caller.


We’ll be honest: not everyone is cut out for cold calling. One key factor that separates effective cold callers from the subpar is their ability to remain professional under pressure. When a cold caller is engaging with a lead, they must maintain their composure and control over the conversation.

Speaking to potential leads with confidence is a skill that develops over time. In the beginning stages, you may benefit from writing a script that allows you to stay on track throughout the call. However, if you’re interested in excelling at cold calling, you will need to master the art of allowing the conversation to proceed in a way that is natural while explaining the benefits of your real estate business.

To begin cultivating your professional image, learn your script front to back. Having a thorough understanding of not just the words but the intent behind each call will make the entire process seem much more natural. The last thing you want is to sound like you’re reading from a script. Ensure that you are thoroughly aware of each point that you need to make. Your knowledge and professionalism will encourage leads to trust your expertise.

Emotional Intelligence

If you’re a soft-spoken person, cold calling may not be the right choice for you. People who excel at cold calling are adept at connecting with customers from all walks of life and encouraging them to carry on an engaging conversation. When a gifted cold caller speaks to a lead, they’ll ensure that the person on the end of the line feels comfortable and ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Emotional intelligence also cues adept cold callers to take a step back or politely let a cold call contact go. While stereotypes tend to portray cold calling as the “hard sell,” you’ll find more lasting success by taking your time and building rapport with leads. So if your conversation partner seems hurried, distracted, or put off by the pressure of your phone call, disengage in a friendly manner and follow up at a later date.

Resilience and a Quick Wit

The cold calling profession is extremely fast-paced. Cold callers must be capable of quickly moving from one lead to the next while striving to understand each customer’s unique needs and respond accordingly. When you’re cold calling, put your best foot forward and think fast! Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the same cold calling technique will work on each and every lead.

Successful cold calling also demands an element of patience and the ability to withstand rejection. It’s a reality of the industry, and even the most skilled cold callers face rejection time and time again. It may take time to convince a lead that your real estate services are worthy of their attention, and in many cases, cold callers will need to contact a target multiple times to warm up a lead for your sales team.

Working with Professionals for Exceptional Cold Calling

If you’re not cut out for cold calling, that’s totally understandable. It’s a tough business! Fortunately, there are options available that will still allow you to tap into the power of cold calling without having to do it all yourself. Instead, enjoy the advantages of cold calling by outsourcing your needs to professional cold callers. Experienced cold callers are masters of relationship building, providing all the skills necessary to increase your supply of qualified leads. 

When you begin a partnership with professional cold callers, the first step is working together to create a script that encapsulates the services and selling points of your real estate company. Your cold callers will establish a clear picture of your ideal customer profile, allowing them to strategize the best responses to potential clients.

Professional cold callers have extensive experience with the ups and downs of cold calling. At Call Motivated Sellers, our cold callers possess a tenacity for making sales and an understanding that rejection is only part of the process. They understand how to speak professionally and uphold the integrity of any real estate business that they represent. Plus, our cold callers are experts at circumventing the most common rebuttals, building the foundation for a long-lasting professional relationship with your clients.

Call Motivated Sellers

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