4 Ways a New Real Estate Agent Can Find Qualified Leads


After months of studying, you earned your real estate license. Congratulations! Now, the real work begins. Many people have used the real estate industry to transform their lives, and you can do it too. Starting in a new industry can be daunting, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Each new real estate agent faces the same challenges initially, and it’s tough to gain clientele when you don’t have any experience. So, how do you generate leads when you don’t have any client testimonials?

Every real estate agent in existence started with zero experience or clientele. If you’re just starting, don’t get discouraged. There’s plenty to learn from the real estate agents that came before you. With the power of social media, advertisements, word of mouth, and cold calling services, you can build rapport in no time.

Ready to build a successful real estate business? Here are a few tips to get your career as a new real estate agent off the ground.


1. Leverage Social Media

As of 2021, 77% of real estate agents currently use social media, and new real estate agents would be wise to follow suit. Social media gives real estate agents the chance to establish themselves as an authority in the real estate industry and build trust with potential buyers. In addition, social media allows real estate agents to interact with their clients in ways that simply weren’t possible twenty or even ten years ago. Real estate agents can gain insight into what qualified leads want and earn the trust of potential buyers as they get to know you online.

If you’re unsure where to get started, prioritize Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These are currently the best options for real estate agents to get in touch with millennials, who comprise 79% of first-time home buyers. Real estate agents looking to build their social media presence should regularly post listings with images, first-time homebuyer tips, and information regarding local real estate events. Your content should be personable and show your personality to stand out from the competition.


2. Advertise Locally

It’s only natural that the vast majority of your sales will come from people that reside in your area, so new real estate agents should do everything in their power to appeal to the local community. Ask yourself, what type of property do qualified leads seem the most interested in purchasing? How can you make yourself a well-known real estate agent in your area? Market research will help you discern which properties have the greatest chance of being sold, along with which demographics are most likely to purchase a property.

To dominate the local real estate market, you need to integrate yourself locally. The first action that local buyers will take is running an online search for real estate agents in the area, so set up a Google My Business listing with your information. With this tool, buyers can also leave reviews, solidifying your image as a trustworthy real estate agent. You can also create social media advertisements using the Facebook Special Ads tool with radial targeting to reach potential buyers near you.


3. Word of Mouth

A real estate agent will never succeed without building solid, professional relationships. Every client that you sell a property to can send their friends and family your way. You can also cultivate referrals from people you might not initially consider, such as the construction crew that repaired a house you sold or the mortgage broker you recommend to your clients. You never know where your next sale will come from, so lean into networking and keep an eye out for interested buyers.

New real estate agents should never leave the power of word of mouth to chance. Make it a point to form relationships with other local real estate agents. They may have clients better suited to your area of expertise.

You can also find activities that you’re passionate about and gain traction through events like volunteering or your hobbies. Whether you like kickboxing, painting, or rock climbing, there’s always an opportunity to get your name out there. Let people know you’re a real estate agent and available to help people find their next property, no matter where you meet them.


4. Cold Calling Services

Getting your first clients and building rapport isn’t easy as a new real estate agent. You must use every tool at your disposal to establish your reputation. Enlisting the assistance of a cold calling service is one of the best ways for new real estate agents to get in touch with home buyers and home sellers that you may not have otherwise met.

With the help of cold calling experts, there’s no need for you to learn a new skill. Experienced cold callers already know precisely how to ease the client into a conversation and identify whether or not they are a qualified lead. They work with a set of predefined demographics to discern which clients are close to buying a property and what their budget is. Professional cold callers are experts in the process of countering common rebuttals while explaining the benefits of your real estate services. So if you’re a new agent looking to succeed in the real estate industry, cold calling services are an incredible tool to help you build a long and prosperous career.


Call Motivated Sellers

The competition is tough in the real estate industry, but you have all the tools you need for success. If you’re a new real estate agent, don’t leave your career to chance. Use every resource available to build your reputation and attract potential clients.

Are you a new real estate agent looking to increase your number of qualified leads? Call Motivated Sellers is here to help. Our extensive experience in the real estate industry and cold-calling expertise can help you find new buyers and close more deals.

To learn more, just contact our team today and prepare to take your real estate empire to the next level.


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