Growing Your Team Generates Revenue- Here’s How


As an investor, you are interested in one thing: generating revenue. Many people want to know how to make more sales to generate revenue. While there are quite a few methods and strategies you could use to increase revenue, one thing you could do immediately is grow your team.


You know what they say: two is better than one. But the real truth is, anything is better than one!


Often times, we see investors taking on so much work, just to avoid the cost of hiring additional help. What many people often fail to realize is that hiring additional help puts you in a place where more gets done, and you can take on more work (resulting in more sales.)


Growing your team helps you generate more revenue- Here’s how:


More time to focus on what is important

The fewer people you have on your team, the more work you have on your hands. If you are a one-man-band, you are doing everything yourself. From finding new leads to closing deals and managing everything in between, you’ve got a lot on your plate.


We all know that we don’t have superpowers, and we can’t excel in everything. When you grow your team, others help you to take things off of your plate so that you can focus on what you are really good at.


Perhaps you are great when it comes to closing deals, but you struggle with finding those leads. Or maybe you are discovering tons of leads, but you have a hard time closing those deals because the leads are not qualified leads.


By bringing in a team of experts who are great at finding qualified leads on the front end, you will be able to close more deals to generate more revenue.


More tasks get done

If you are doing everything on your own, you are probably overwhelmed. Each day, you might have a to-do list that is pages long and you can’t seem to find enough time in the day.


When you bring in a team to help you out, you have more time on your hands. As an investor, time is money! More time means you can finally get down to those other tasks you’ve been meaning to do that might help your business out.


More innovation

In today’s day and age, diversity is critical for success. You might be great interacting with others, but studies show that a diverse team is better at solving problems because of all the different perspectives from each team member.


For your investment business, this is huge! The more people you can interact with and connect with, the better.


If you have a group of diverse individuals, you are able to connect with more people, build relationships with others, and ultimately, generate more leads.


You might find that by bringing in more people, you will finally be able to connect with those hard-to-reach clients or talk to those clients who might seem uninterested.



Sell more

When it comes to the price of your properties, there is not much wiggle room for negotiation. This means that you can’t rely on higher prices to generate more revenue. The only thing that is in your control and that you can do to generate more revenue, is to sell more.


We know what you’re thinking: You have no time to make more sales or find more potential clients?


This is where the help of a bigger team comes in. If you’re doing all the selling, there is only so much selling you can do. But if you have a team that is focused strictly on selling, your potential to generate more income is really uncapped. Especially when you have all the extra time on your hands to close deals!


Enhanced flow of operations

Back to that to-do list of yours…


When tasks and deadlines are missed, the flow of operations does not run smoothly. Operations management is a fundamental part of any business. It plays a very important role in the success of your business. When tasks are completed on time, your business will operate effectively and efficiently to generate more revenue.


Bringing in a group of experts

How many people are experts in sales, marketing, finance, and all other areas that contribute to the success of a business? If you are reading this and you can say that you have expertise in all of those areas, good for you!


However, most people struggle with one particular area, and that is okay! It is not expected of anyone to be an expert in every field of business.


This is where the help of others come in. Maybe you are really good at closing deals and the finance aspect of your business, but you are really struggling with discovering new clients.


You might want to consider bringing in our group of cold calling experts at Call Motivated Sellers.


Why grow your team with Call Motivated Sellers?


Wouldn’t it be nice if you can only work with clients who are genuinely interested in selling their property? Wouldn’t it also be nice to have a consistent flow of sales, so that you are generating more revenue?


All of this is possible with the help of our team at Call Motivated Sellers. We provide outsourced cold calling agents to help you leverage your time more effectively, so that you can focus on the bigger picture: negotiating with motivated sellers.


Our group of cold calling agents are experts in what they do. Our team knows what it takes to build that initial relationship with a client and qualify a lead so that you are only working with those who are really ready to make a sale.


Looking to generate more revenue? Our team at Call Motivated Sellers is ready to grow your business.


Grow your sales team and generate more revenue! Contact us to get started!