How The Pros Find Leads


Without leads, you don’t have a business. First, you need a strategy in place that will help you find quality leads and get them under contract. Only then will you be successful in the real estate industry. If you can successfully achieve those two things, you will make money.


But like many things, this might seem easier said than done. Many real estate wholesalers are left wondering “how do I get deals?”


Whether you’ve been in the industry for years, or you’re just now getting started, if you find yourself asking that very question, this article can help you!


We’re here to share some of the most common ways the pros find leads. We’ve gathered this list from some of the most successful real estate investors.


Create a Website

If you don’t have your own website, you’ll fall behind.  Your website is a place for potential clients to learn more about the work you do, the listings you have available, and gives them a way to contact you. If you do have a website, you can also consider a search engine optimization strategy (SEO) so that it becomes easier for clients to discover your site. With an SEO strategy, search engines such as Google will recognize the content on your website and boost your rankings on Google. That way, when people search for your services or name, you are the first to show in their search.


If you have a good website, you also give have greater credibility. For instance, if you have a website and another agent does not, you are instantly more credible because the other agencies can’t be found on the internet.


A website is also beneficial because it gives clients an additional way to contact you. The more ways people are able to reach you, the more likely you are to get more leads.


Another great thing about having a website is that you’re able to explain what you do and how it works. Often times, people might be interested in your services, but they would like a bit more information before getting started. Your website is a good opportunity to share that information and serves as a way of giving you the head start.



Although this is your own business, it’s important to network to build strong relationships with others in the industry. You probably know real estate is a people business. So, the more people you know, the more leads you will be able to discover. Networking is a great lead generation strategy, but it can also help with referrals. The stronger your network, the more referrals you can get!


Direct Mail

Direct mail has been a successful lead generation strategy for years. Direct mail does the following for real estate investors:

  • Gives investors a direct connection to prospects in local areas.
  • Serves as a tangible resource that prospective clients can hold on to in case it might come in hand at another time.
  • Serves as a way to build relationships with potential clients.

If you’re not interested in direct mail, you might want to consider email marketing campaigns, which work in a similar way.


Utilize MLS

Many realtors use MLS (multiple listing service) to connect with prospects. These listing sites such as Trulia or Zillow offer paid advertising options that can also generate leads.



Blogging is important for two main reasons. Blogs can help with SEO so that you have more content and rank for keywords, so you earn that top spot on search results.


Blogs also provide prospects with more information. Your blogs might attract people who you have never had contact with. They might come across your blogs through a Google search and once they end up on your blog, they then navigate to your business pages and eventually will contact you for business.


Your blog does not have to be all about real estate, it can be anything that is related to the local market. You can also incorporate testimonials into your blogs to show prospects how your services have helped others.


Social Media

Social media remains as one of the top ways to connect with others, and is also a great way to discover leads. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all good platforms that allow you to reach out to new clients and drive traffic to your website. With consistent social media posting, you can build relationships with your audience and get ahead of your competitors.


Cold Calling

Many successful real estate investors use a cold calling strategy. Cold calling connects you to prospects that you might not otherwise come in contact with. Cold calling allows you to reach those who might not be on social media, or who don’t live in your area but could still use your services. If cold calling is done the right way, you can expect to see great results.


Call Motivated Sellers: Finding You Quality Leads

As cold calling experts, we know cold calling is not for everyone. For many people, its intimidating to call complete strangers and talk about how your services can help them. Not everyone can connect with someone through cold calling and that’s OK! But cold calling still remains one of the best lead generation strategies for real estate investors.


Just because cold calling isn’t a top skill of yours, doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate cold calling into your lead generation strategy. At Call Motivated Sellers, we do all the cold calling for you. Can leads really end up at your doorstep? With our help, YES! We will do all the relationship-building upfront so quality leads are brought your way.


When you work with our team at Call Motivated Sellers, we bring you the leads and let you do what you do best: close the deals.


So, if you are that person that’s been struggling to find leads, or you are not too sure where to start, our team at Call Motivated Sellers is here to help.


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