How to Attract First-Time Home Buyers


The number of first-time homebuyers is growing quickly, but what can real estate agents do to attract this demographic of buyers? Real estate agents must understand that now, most first-time homebuyers are millennials. In fact, they comprise 37% of all first-time homebuyers. However, many millennials have little knowledge of the home buying process, what to look for when viewing properties, or what type of loan is best for them.

As such, one of the best methods a real estate agent can use to reel in more clients is finding new ways to educate first-time home buyers. Help guide them through everything they need to know before diving in and closing on a home, and you’ll earn their trust and their commission. But first, you need to make contact. Using audience-broadening strategies, such as involving a team of professional cold callers, can grow your real estate business to new heights.

Fortunately, attracting first-time homebuyers isn’t as challenging as it may seem. Here are a few ways you can expand your client base to include more first-time home buyers.


Send Educational Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients and keep your current clients engaged. It’s essential to cultivate a strong online presence as a real estate agent, and you must keep your clients engaged with your content. Email marketing serves this purpose well. 

Regularly sending emails to your clients is crucial to your success in the real estate industry. There are currently more than 2 million people with active real estate licenses, and with competition this fierce, email marketing can keep you at the forefront of your client’s minds. Since every demographic relies on email, this will help you expand your reach across the board. The increased engagement from email marketing can also increase your number of referrals, helping build your client base organically. 

Email marketing also provides you with the option to target specific corners of your audience. Through email segmentation, you can send first-time home buyers emails specifically crafted to appeal to their interests. For example, educating them on the process of buying a home, what to look for when viewing properties, and anything else they may need to know before closing on their first home. All you need to do is choose an email marketing software and create your content to get started.


Expand Your Reach with Cold Calling Services

Once you’ve burned through hot leads and referrals, consider working with a cold calling company to bring more first-time home buyers your way. Cold calling experts can use a buyer’s persona to create a specialized strategy and identify qualified leads eager to make a purchase. 

To begin the process, cold calling professionals will contact cold leads unfamiliar with your real estate business, creating a contact list using relevant demographics. This discovery process identifies qualified leads who are ready to buy and simply need to find the right real estate agent. Cold calling professionals can then sweeten the deal and inspire potential clients to choose you over the competition.

Reputable cold calling companies use talking points explicitly based on your business goals and clients. When engaging with potential clients, they’ll be sure to mention how your services are of great value, explaining the ways that your services exceed that of the competition. They are also prepared to provide expert responses to common rebuttals, talking around skeptics to give your agency a chance.


Host a First-Time Homebuyer Seminar

An excellent out-of-the-box strategy for attracting more first-time homebuyers is by hosting a seminar. Many first-time homebuyers are overwhelmed by the amount of information available regarding purchasing a home. A workshop allows you to present them with the most critical information while answering their questions on the spot. Hosting seminars will boost your reputation as an expert in your field and build trust within the community. And with the aid of modern technology, you can now host a seminar in person or virtually, letting you tailor your approach based on your potential audience.

If you’re hosting an in-person seminar, the first step is finding the right partner. Consider teaming up with local businesses that will allow you to use their location as a venue. For extra authority, invite home loan professionals and home inspectors to speak about topics that may not be your area of expertise. And remember, it’s okay if your first audience is small! Even a limited audience means better word of mouth and a chance to start building a new network of leads throughout your community.

Virtual first-time homebuyer seminars are also growing in popularity due to their convenience for real estate agents and clients. You begin with an email marketing campaign and shareable social media posts to spread the word about your event. When you’re working with clients in person, let them know about your upcoming event. Afterward, convert your attendees into clients by letting them know about openings for meetings or listing appointments.


Engage with First-Time Home Buyers on Social Media

Currently, 99% of millennials begin their home search online, so it’s in your best interest to solidify your social media presence as a real estate professional. To attract more first-time homebuyers, begin advertising by providing content that interests them.

Facebook and Instagram are the prime social media platforms to attract new home buyers of an appropriate age and income. When using Facebook, you can target first-time homebuyers using features like Facebook Ads. Instagram, meanwhile, is perfect for displaying stylish photos and virtual tours. You can also use Instagram stories to provide regular updates, important information, and neighborhood tours.

When posting properties on social media, use the highest quality photos available. Then keep first-time homebuyers engaged with educational content, and use social media to answer any of their questions.


Call Motivated Sellers

There’s no better time to sell to first-time homebuyers than right now. To ensure success, educate first-time homebuyers about the home buying process and employ advanced marketing techniques such as cold calling services.

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