Is Facebook Still Useful for Developing Qualified Leads?


In this day and age, every real estate agent should be leveraging the power of social media for developing qualified leads. You may have heard that social media is the prime source of lead generation for real estate agents, but not all social media platforms are created equal. As Facebook wanes in popularity among younger generations, real estate agents are left wondering if they should abandon the platform altogether.

Contrary to what you may think, Facebook is still an extremely promising tool for real estate agents. Using Facebook to nurture leads and close more sales just requires the right strategy. Start by leveraging social tools like Facebook Marketplace, business pages, and ads. Once these seeds are planted online, you can then use alternative methods like cold calling to form a personable connection with qualified leads and grow your real estate business like never before.


Facebook Marketplace Listings

One of the best features that Facebook has to offer real estate agents is the option to post Marketplace listings. Facebook launched this feature in 2016 to compete with websites like Craigslist and Zillow, and it has grown exponentially in popularity ever since. Real estate agents can use the Facebook Marketplace to attract new qualified leads directly. And given that 55.6% of Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 54, it’s an excellent opportunity to spark the interest of potential buyers.

The wonderful thing about the Facebook Marketplace is that it allows real estate agents to advertise their properties at no cost. 94% of home buyers begin their search online, so your listings must have an online presence, and Facebook is an excellent place to start. Their Marketplace makes it easy to provide the information that new leads will find relevant, like housing type and price. Since Facebook also allows comments and messaging, you can speak with your new leads in real time.


Facebook Business Pages for Real Estate Agents 

Developing your personal brand is incredibly important as a real estate agent. Solidifying your online presence allows you to reach more qualified leads and establish your presence as an expert in your field. Currently, 93% of businesses are active on Facebook, and real estate agents would be wise to follow suit. When you create a Facebook Business Page, you have the opportunity to develop your image. Post content that showcases your personality and engages directly with your clients to make yourself appear more personable.

Facebook Business Pages also simplify the process for potential buyers to contact you. To reap the full benefits of a Facebook Business Page, consider adding buttons like “Contact Us” or “Send Message.” If you’re interested in using your Facebook Business Page as a landing page for your website, add a “Learn More” button that links directly to your domain. Qualified leads will continue to roll in when you provide them with regular updates about open houses and new listings. Invest in high-quality real estate photography and post engaging visual content to reel in potential buyers for the best results.


Running Facebook Ads

If you aren’t running Facebook ads for your real estate listings, now is the time to start. Facebook ads allow you to network and communicate with a worldwide audience of 2.89 billion people. In addition, Facebook collects valuable information about its users’ demographics and interests, the better to match your ads with the right audience.

When you’re setting up your Facebook ads, make it a point to target your ideal buyer. You can choose to target potential buyers through relevant criteria like age, marital status, or gender. Furthermore, you also can choose the exact location you’d like to target based on criteria like zip codes and city radius. 

If potential buyers seem likely to be interested in a particular property that you’re selling, Facebook’s algorithm will help ensure that they see your listing. Then, you can increase the likelihood of developing qualified leads by pushing your ads towards people who are most active on websites like Trulia and Zillow.


Need More than Facebook? Other Ways to Reach Qualified Leads

Although social media remains a viable platform for savvy real estate agents, in general, people are losing interest in Facebook. While other social media platforms are always available, it’s never wise to place all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your efforts by leveraging sales techniques and marketing tactics outside the realm of the internet. Your next qualified lead might just come from alternative marketing techniques like cold calling.

Luckily, there’s no need to undertake the burden of cold calling on your own. Instead, you can enlist the help of a professional cold calling company, and leave the most challenging part of generating new leads to the experts. Experienced cold callers are trained to masterfully identify qualified leads, inspire them to engage, and send them your way. Despite the popularity of social media marketing, it’s no comparison to engaging with real people. A real estate agent must build trust with potential buyers, and professional cold calling services are an excellent way to form a real human connection with new clients.


Call Motivated Sellers

Times may be changing, but there’s always a way to build your reputation, generate more leads, and close sales. Facebook isn’t going anywhere just yet, but if you’re still having trouble developing qualified leads, professional cold calling companies can provide everything social media doesn’t offer.

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