How to Use Lead Magnets to Generate Qualified Leads


Having leads to visit your site is easy, but getting them to submit their contact information and then validating that they’re a qualified lead is a challenge on its own. The trick to earning that coveted email address or phone number is to give them something they want and make it worth the trade. You have to know the art of using lead magnets to generate qualified leads.

In the following sections, we’ll break down what lead magnets are and how you can use them to generate qualified leads.



What is a Lead Magnet?

Have you ever visited a site and they offered a free download for the low, low cost of your email address? A lead magnet, in a nutshell, is free content provided to visitors in exchange for their contact information. What gives lead magnets its name is that it is content that provides value to your prospect, acting as a magnet and attracting them with the promise of offering a solution to the problem they have.

On the business side, a lead magnet’s primary goal is to build your email list, though it offers far more than that. These “gotta have it” pieces of content can help you generate tons of qualified leads and gain knowledge about your audience when they fill out your lead generation form. Visitors come to you looking for answers and insight, and the free content you provide not helps them but also helps them see you as a resource and increases the likelihood that they will stick with you until they’re ready to buy or sell a property.

Lead magnets come in all forms, such as eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, cheat sheets, and free trials. Here are a few examples of the content of formats you can use to attract and capture new prospects:


  • Quizzes/Assessments
  • Webinar
  • Ebook
  • Whitepaper
  • Free trial
  • Discount
  • How-to reports
  • Cheatsheets
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Maps/Charts
  • Videos
  • Q & As


What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?


It Solves a Problem

First and foremost, a lead magnet should always solve whatever problem that relates to your services as well as a dilemma your buyer audience has. It should offer tips and tricks for success, with your full services being the ultimate, comprehensive solution.


Delivers a Promise

It is one thing to promise relief or a solution; it’s another to deliver on it. You want your content to have weight and for your qualified leads to feel like it was well worth it to take the risk of submitting their contact info to gain access to your lead magnet.

Quick to Digest

Your prospects are busy people, and if they open your lead magnet and find that it is a wall of text, chances are they will get overwhelmed and not read the whole message, missing out on the full benefit of your resource. When you use lead magnets to generate qualified leads, ensure that they are easy to digest, skim, feature infographics, and other informative, attention-grabbing design elements.


Has High Value

Contrary to popular belief, all content isn’t created equal. The best way to use lead magnets to generate qualified leads is to have content that not only solves your buyer audience’s problem but is also of high-quality. Your content should have a high perceived value and actual value to prospective buyers.


Demonstrates Your Expertise

Your firm’s reputation is everything. If you want to solidify that you are knowledgeable in the real estate realm, be sure to create content that gives you the room to share your insights and keeps your leads coming back for more. Having content that showcases your expertise helps you nurture the leads that aren’t quite ready and convert your qualified leads into customers when they’re prepared to make a move on a property.



Although it seems easy to create a lead magnet, there is a great deal of thought that goes into it. If you want to use lead magnets to generate qualified leads, you need to consider your words’ power. They can make the difference between gaining new leads and losing them. Be strategic with your titles and word choices. Different word choices and sentence structure and have an impact on overall response levels.




How to Use Lead Magnets to Generate Qualified Leads

With the above fundamentals in mind, it’s time to put your lead magnets to good use. Here are a few examples of ways you can use lead magnets to generate qualified leads.

Note: As always, if you hope to generate qualified leads with your efforts, you first need to ensure that the content you’re offering is the kind your prospective buyers want.



Market Analysis Report

One of the top things a qualified lead is concerned with is whether it’s the right time or place to purchase a property. An excellent way to use lead magnets to generate qualified leads and attract sellers, too, is a free marketing analysis report for your local market or a specific neighborhood.

Giving them the latest scoop on details like market inventory, average listing price, whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, and neighborhood benefits are valuable info well worthy of offering up their contact info for.


The Ultimate Checklist/ Cheat Sheet

The favorite of the lead magnets is a checklist or a cheat sheet. These lead magnets are often simple, not longer than a single page, and offer actionable advice. What makes them such a powerful tool in generating qualified leads is that it pinpoints a specific topic and breaks it down into easily digestible steps, for example, “5 Questions to Ask During Your Home Appraisal.”

Homebuyers can also reuse this checklist or cheat sheet as often as they need to and even share it with friends and family who need your resource. To ensure that business keeps coming back to you, add your contact information and a QR code that links to your site.


Home Listings Roundup

When homebuyers are on the prowl for the perfect property, who can resist a roundup of home listings under a particular asking price? This lead magnet puts you at a unique advantage, as you can ask what a lead’s budget range is and have them choose from a dropdown menu.

You can link to multiple PDFs (after all, no one said you were limited to one lead magnet), and whatever option they choose, the corresponding file downloads. Not only does this approach keep you from alienating a demographic of an explorer, but it also makes it more likely that they’ll open future emails that showcase new properties for sale.


Guide to Selling Your Home/ Purchasing a Property

As a real estate agent, property buyers and sellers alike look to you for professional advice. A how-to guide is a perfect tool for helping your audience navigate the real estate waters. You can use your guide to educate your readers and equip them with tools that prep them for each stage of the buying or selling process. And when they naturally have more questions, they will be willing to reach out, and you can continue to aid them with your services.



Call Motivated Sellers

Offering lead magnets that generate qualified leads is a strategy that many companies can benefit from if they employ them correctly. Through our breakdown of what lead magnets are, what makes a good lead magnet, and how to use them to your advantage, we are confident that you can create your own magnets and build your portfolio. As your leads trickle in, let Call Motivated Sellers help you vet your list and return only your ready-to-buy qualified leads.

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