How to Get More Leads with Content Curation


It is common knowledge that there are countless ways to generate leads. They are integral to the success of a business. However, there is one lead generation tactic some real estate agents aren’t familiar with: content curation. It is a time-saving, networking, reputation boosting tactic, and best of all, it has the potential to generate more leads than other tools.

Content curation works by highlighting content created by others in your industry. And by using curated content, you not only expose your target audience to a whole new world of valuable information, but you reap benefits like boosting brand awareness, customer retention, and lead generation.

The challenge is figuring out how to get more leads with content curation. Thankfully, we have five tips for reaching your goal.


Understand Your Target Audience

Before you can begin searching for content to curate, you need to define your target audience. The reason this step is so important is that knowing who your target directly influences the content you use. If you want to get more leads with content curation, you first need to understand who your potential customers are and what they want. If you present them with the wrong content, you risk losing their interest and their business.

There are several different methods you can use to help you better identify your audience and the direction your content curation strategy should take. Some agents create a buyer persona, whereas others prefer a more direct approach like issuing a survey to gain insight. The most important thing you must consider when curating content for your target audience is how the content you supply will help solve their pain points. If you can pose a relevant solution to their problem, you also win their attention.


Mix Content Curation and Email Marketing

If you’re unaware of the power email marketing holds for lead generation, you are definitely missing out. Email marketing is hailed as the preferred method for businesses to gain leads, and many consumers name it as their preferred way to digest new information. With these numbers in mind, think about how many more leads you can get when you incorporate content curation into your email marketing campaigns.

The best way to take advantage is by crafting email messages that are specifically geared toward generating leads. We suggest crafting a curated content roundup and adding it to your email newsletter rotation. These emails are a surefire way to get more leads because they highlight insightful blog posts, whitepapers, and social media posts that you have encountered throughout the month. Your potential buyers trust you and when you provide them with relevant information, it further establishes you as an authority in the real estate industry. You can also segment your list so that your leads receive content relevant to where they are in your pipeline. Here are a few other things to consider including in your curated content roundup emails:


-Include a piece of your original content in the roundup.

-Personalize the email by addressing the reader by name in the subject line or email body.

-Provide social media share or forward links to encourage readers to spread the word to other potential buyers.

-Include a captivating quote or preview description to entice them to click and read more.


Be an Underground Content Guru

There are few greater feelings than when you discover something no one else in your circle has heard of. It is thrilling, and to others, it earns you the title of go-to guru for niche topics. And when people need more, they come to you. The same principle applies in real estate when you’re trying to get more leads with content curation. If you leverage underground content, i.e., content your leads have never seen or offer insights they’ve never considered, it establishes you as the knowledgeable agent prospects look to when they’re ready to purchase a property.

To find the best underground content, start by searching on sites like RSS, Tumblr, and Reddit, as they may feature content from lesser-known businesses. When sharing your findings, be selective. Take the time to read the content you’re sharing. This content should highlight the best finds, not just a roundup of the most popular sites you encounter. The goal is to stay relevant to your leads and provide them with quality content from credible sources.


Give Leads Somewhere to Land

Landing pages are well-known for helping with lead generation efforts, but there’s another side that you may have overlooked: using them to help you get more leads with content curation. Landing pages enhance your content curation strategies because they give customers somewhere to go after they’ve finished reading your blog, social media post, or email.

Adding a landing page link to your curated content post enables you to redirect your readers’ focus. After reading an insightful piece on say, how renovating parts of their home can boost their property value, you don’t want your readers to disappear and head to another site. You want them to visit yours, find more engaging content, and potentially sign up to join your email list so that you can nurture them into a qualified lead.


Leverage Original and Curated Blogs

Featuring blog posts are one of the most popular ways to get more leads with content curation. Creating original content is always the preferred method for engaging prospective buyers, but you can also leverage curated content to do the job, too. The key is to feature content that adds value to your leads’ lives.

As an agent, sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to create original content. One way to grab your prospect’s attention is to use content curation. It is a great way to showcase great content and increase web traffic. Use excerpts from other blogs and add your own commentary to the insights you repost, just be sure to cite the original source when possible. When you add your own two cents, you introduce an additional perspective and reiterate to leads that you are well-versed in industry knowledge.



Call Motivated Sellers

Generating quality leads can be a challenge, but they are vital to a successful real estate business. However, curating content is an excellent way to appeal to your target audience. We hope that our list of ways to get more leads with content curation inspired you to implement some of these tactics into your agency’s strategies.

If you find yourself needing someone to vet your list of leads, let Call Motivated Sellers help. Not only will our cold calling experts provide you with the top ready-to-buy qualified leads from your list, but we can also consult and advise you on your processes.

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